Bubble tea is a Taiwanese drink that typically contains a milk tea with soft chewy tapioca pearls or “boba” at the bottom. In recent years, many boba shops have been popping up throughout Arizona with new and inventive drink and topping creations. Whether you’re looking to try bubble tea for the first time or wanting to find somewhere new to get your boba fix, you should try one of these 10 boba shops in Arizona.

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Mochi Fresh

This boba shop makes all of their boba in-house daily, so if you are looking for soft flavorful boba this is the place to be. You won’t find boba like this anywhere else, they make specialty fruit boba with flavors like strawberry and mango. They make their own fresh mochi with flavors in-house, but hurry because it sells out fast. Be sure to ask for a stamp card and get a free small drink after five purchases or a free large drink after seven purchases.

DaYung’s Tea

They specialize in various fresh fruit tea options that use real fruit as mix-ins. They change their menu regularly to add drinks that use seasonal fruits. Be sure to ask for a stamp card and get an any-sized drink free after 10 purchases.

Boba Cutea Bubble Tea House

If you are looking for somewhere to take cute pictures while enjoying a sweet drink and a dessert this is the boba shop for you. They specialize in Japanese drinks and each drink comes with a cute lid shaped like a bear that kids will love. If you have a sweet tooth, be sure to try their cheesecake or mochi topped with brown sugar boba.


If you’re looking for a place to study and get your boba fix iTea is a great option. Located near Arizona State University’s Tempe campus, this shop offers indoor and outdoor seating as well as free Wi-Fi. This location regularly holds fundraisers for local clubs and community groups, so it’s a great spot to be if you’re looking to support local groups and stay connected.

Dingle Berries Coffee, Tea & Juice

If you’re the kind of person that likes to try something before you buy it this is one of the boba shops in Arizona that will let you do just that. Any new customer that comes in gets offered a tasting tray of every specialty drink on the menu. This shop offers a coffee bar selection and specialty fusions like their “Whoa-chata milk tea” which is a mix of fresh horchata and black milk tea. Be sure to sign up for the rewards program to earn points and get a free drink for your birthday.

Bubble Cups

This location is always exploring new flavors and is constantly adding new drinks to their menu. The menu has plenty of options from simple milk teas to fresh exotic fruit teas. If you’re looking for exotic fruit flavors like dragon fruit or jackfruit this boba shop will get you those and then some.

Tea Snow Boba & Coffee

Located in the Mekong Supermarket, Tea Snow specializes in authentic Vietnamese drinks and desserts. Be sure to try their five-color dessert drink cocktail with fresh ingredients made in-house or the Vietnamese iced coffee.

Mango Rabbit

The menu is completely customizable with twelve different options for toppings and mix-ins. This location often holds K-pop events where they give out free freebies and merch to willing customers. This shop also specializes in custom bubble waffles which are light and fluffy then filled and topped with ice cream and mix-ins. These custom creations can have speacialty desserts and character toppings added onto them making them picture perfect. The store also has cute decorations and plenty of Instagram worthy photo opportunities.

Boba tree

This shop specializes in Chinese teas and drinks. If you’re looking to be apart of the recently-popular cheese foam trend, Boba Tea has an entire section of their menu dedicated to drink pairings that work with their house-made cheese foam for drinks that are sweet with a hint of the slightly-salty foam. Be sure to ask for a stamp card and get a free medium drink after five purchases and a free large drink after ten purchases.


This boba shop houses hot and cold beverages for year-round enjoyment. Their menu also has plenty of non-caffeinated options. This location also has ice cream available as a topping to your drinks for an extra bit of sweetness. Be sure to ask for a stamp card and get a free any-sized drink after 10 purchases.