Fall is in full swing, and while the temperatures are dropping, it’s the perfect time to get a change of scenery and get out of the Valley for a relaxing weekend and get your fill of  fall photos! Here are 10 places around the state that are perfect for capturing fall photos and experiencing that feeling of autumn.


Flagstaff is situated in the middle of a huge Ponderosa pine forest and at the bottom of the states’ tallest mountain, Mt. Humphreys. Walks through the pines and hikes through forest and mountain trails are the ideal place to get the perfect pics. Plus Downtown Flagstaff’s downtown’s rustic feel is perfect for the fall aesthetic too.


Full of adventure, Payson is another forested city ripe for the fall photo pickings. They have numerous hiking trails and are a short drive to the Mogollon Rim, which is filled with natural photo opportunities. Tonto Natural Bridge is also close by and can provide a fun day of hiking, sightseeing and photography.


Another town full of Arizona history, Prescott is only two hours away from the Valley and surrounded by the gorgeous Prescott National Forest. Prescott has a gorgeous downtown full of fun places, such art galleries and unique eateries; and has many hiking trails in and around it. You can also experience a unique recreation opportunity like visiting a ranch and learn how to ride a horse!


Sedona is surrounded by the towering red rocks that they are so well known for – and that provide amazing background for your autumn photo collection! Their trails are open, but they also have an exciting arts and culture scene. Or if you’re feeling up for something else, they have plenty of ways for you to create your own adventure.

Show Low

Found in Arizona’s White mountains, Show Low is another beautiful city to visit for its autumn aesthetic. The mountains and trails in and around Show Low can give you the spot for that next perfect picture and provide fun opportunities such as kayaking, camping and biking.

Pine and Strawberry

Nestled halfway between Camp Verde and Payson are two little communities called Pine and Strawberry. In the valleys of towering mountains and in a sea of trees, this is another amazing place to get fall photos. The quaint small town vibe downtown also has an incredible charm that can’t be faked. The towns are also close to Bear Canyon Lake and Knoll Lake and is a short drive to Payson.

Forest Lakes

Forest Lakes is another small community located right on the edge of the Mogollon Rim. In the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, Forest Lakes has many beautiful views. Just going for a walk will yield many picturesque views.


Bisbee is a small, historic mining town right on the southern border full of beautiful trees, winding roads, stunning houses and architecture, and majestic mountains, and it’s perfect for any kind of fall photo op! And for a side adventure you can explore the steep streets or go on a tour of an old mine.

Edge of the World

Edge of the World is a drive that starts near Flagstaff and travels south for fifty miles, going through some of Arizona’s grandest sights, passing by lakes, rivers, lofty mountains, and plunging cliffs. Any point on this drive (or hike if you’re feeling up for it!) would be great for a fall photo shoot.


Springerville and Eager are two little communities on Arizona’s border with New Mexico, and they can provide some of Arizona’s most unique fall photo locations. The mountains and forests around the towns are full of aspen trees whose leaves turn beautiful orange and golden colors. The plains around them also provide unique photo opportunities that are few and far between in Arizona.