Summer skincare essentials when the temperature starts rising in Arizona should include a moisturizer, a serum and SPF. Your skin needs support and protection against water loss during harsh sunlight and dry air. The skin’s texture may vary and feel different in summertime, therefore cleansers, even makeup used during winter may not work the same. Use a gentle, creamy, non-foaming cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin’s natural oils. Serums, depending on their target, should consist of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, peptides or other active ingredients to protect you from free radicals and reduce dark spots.

Switch to a lightweight moisturizer to protect and seal the effect, trapping the moisture inside, then add SPF – either mineral or chemical can considerably reduce cellular damage. The number one cause for skin melasma is sun exposure, which is why we need to apply SPF deliberately and often enough to protect us as a shield.

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Makeup that includes SPF can be a great choice when you are on the go as well as mists that you can reapply every few hours.  Higher SPF doesn’t necessarily mean better, it has more to do with the percent of rays filtered and time of exposure.

Harsh exfoliants, chemical peels and even the use of retinol should be on pause during summer. An enzyme-based peel is safer and protective over the outer layer of the skin.

In addition, using a quenching hydrating mask once or twice a week, will boost the levels of deep hydration.

Having a good skincare regime should also include eating plant-based foods, drinking enough water and getting your vitamins prior to sun exposure.

Extrinsic aging, wrinkles and photoaging is a difficult process to reverse, therefore prevention is key. It’s like going to the gym, it needs to be consistent and permanently adapted to your skin’s needs.

Consult with your esthetician and get your personalized coaching. Your skin will thank you!

In a nutshell the 6 summer skincare essentials should consist of:

• a gentle cleanser

• a vitamin C serum

• a lightweight moisturizer

• an SPF cream

• a mild exfoliant

• a deep moisturizing mask


Julia Nitescu is a dermocosmetologist and aesthetician at Remedy Salon and Spa in Scottsdale. For more information or to schedule an appointment at Remedy Salon and Spa, visit or follow on Instagram. Follow Julia on Instagram @aestheticnestbyjulie.