As Diamondbacks fans celebrate Seth Beer’s game-winning home run that earned the team an opening-day win, it’s the ideal time for a story on America’s favorite beers by state and which beers Americans are chugging most.

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With alcohol consumption up by 8.9% compared to pre-pandemic figures, we know Americans are drinking. But what exactly have we been drinking?  Top Agency’s latest data study looks at beer consumption across the country to identify which beer brands have been helping Americans cope in a post-pandemic world.

Budweiser Reigns Supreme

The beloved beer brand is the most popular choice in 23 states.

People are More Willing to Experiment

America’s thirst for Budweiser shows no signs of getting quenched but data shows that microbrews like Spotted Cow, Lone Star, Denver Beer, and Dogfish Head are also starting to make headway.

Americans are Drinking Less Alcohol

While alcohol consumption is up, the study also noted a pattern in the prevalence of light beers throughout the country, suggesting an increase in demand for lower-alcohol options.

America’s thirst for Budweiser is showing no sign of drying up as the brand dominates its rivals in the battle of the beers across the country. While many things are changing during the pandemic, Budweiser is managing to ride it out without any serious threat to their status as the nation’s favorite. That said, there are signs of change across some states, with microbrews such as Spotted Cow, Lone Star, Denver Beer, Dogfish Head starting to make headway. In what many will see as a hint of what we can expect in the coming years, Spotted Cow ranked number one in Wisconsin, Lone Star in Texas, Denver Beer in Colorado and Dogfish Head in Delaware.

Top 5 Beers By State

Here’s a breakdown of the top five beers on a state level. Aside from Budweiser’s dominance, another notable pattern is the prevalence of light beers throughout the country, suggesting an increase in demand for lower-alcohol options.

Did your favorite beer make the cut? Find out each states’ Top 5 beers of choice, the study’s methodology and other key findings here.