Apple released the new iOS 14 update for iPhone users on September 16, 2020, it includes new and faster improvements for users to navigate through their phones in a much easier way.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and SVP, Software Engineer Craig Federighi, announced the launch at the WWDC conference that was held remotely this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When we make bold changes it’s for one simple yet powerful reason so we can make much better products.” said Cook.

Do you ever get confused when there are new updates that Apple launches for your apple devices and you’re curious about what new features are available for you? Here are new features that are available to you from your phone.

iOS 14 brings a new look that will make your device look more organized and professional with widgets on your home screen. Widgets have been given a new look that allows you to place them on your home screen to look at information at a glance, you are able to choose from different sizes and arrange them to your preference.

“Over the years, we’ve kept the fundamentals largely the same but carefully added the features like folders for organizing your apps, widgets for quick information and personalized experiences powered by on-device intelligence that serve up just the right thing at the right moment.” says Federighi during the WWDC conference.

The app library organizes all your application into an easy-to navigate view, they are sorted by category and by your most used. This prevents applications that are cluttered on your home screen, and it looks more organized by having this feature.

Incoming calls used to take up the whole phone screen, now it will only show on the top screen, which allows you to carry on with what you were doing on your phone. This is very convenient if you were looking at important emails or text messages.

The messaging app has new features where you can pin your conversations with the people who you talk to the most, you can pin up to nine people at the top of your conversation list. You can reply directly to a specific message, and you can type a name in a direct message to someone, you will be notified when your name has been mentioned.

A new app has been added for those who communicate with different languages, translate allows it to be natural and easy for people who are exploring languages, there are 11 different languages that you can choose from.

You may think that you would always need your keys to start your vehicle, but it gets better! Apple released a feature where you can unlock and start your car by using the CarPlay app. Car keys may only be available to certain car models, for more information, see your dealer for details.

There are more new features that are being included in the update, these features make it easier for users to navigate through their phone in an easy and professional way.

“That’s iOS 14, it’s a huge release that transforms the core experience of iPhone with redesign widgets right on the home screen and a new way to organize your apps with the App Library. It adds incredible updates to some of the most popular apps.”

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