With the U.S. Open underway, tennis fever has no doubt hit the nation over the course of the next few weeks — encouraging many to give the sport a go. But, have you ever wondered which are the best cities for tennis in Arizona?

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Through the utilization of an index scoring system, the top tennis cities in Arizona and the U.S. have been revealed, with Phoenix coming out on top. Making up Arizona’s top 10 tennis cities are:

1. Phoenix = 27.12

2. Scottsdale = 20.61

3. Tucson = 20.31

4. Mesa = 12.86

5. Glendale = 9.46

6. Chandler = 8.44

7. Peoria = 8.33

8. Gilbert = 7.20

9. Surprise = 6.70

10. Tempe = 5.55

Ranking Arizona’s Top Tennis Cities

During the build up to the U.S. Open, interest around everything ‘tennis’ in America skyrockets. Analyzing Google search volumes, the search term ‘tennis’ during the month of September last year was 238% higher than the following month, a trend which was similar for the search terms ‘tennis courts’ and ‘tennis courts near me’.

Fueled by the hype and heightened inspiration from the U.S. Open, interest in the sport grows, but which Arizonan city is best to get out on the court?

Well, a new report from Gambling.com reveals which Arizona and American cities are best for tennis lovers. Through the utilization of an index composing of six key metrics such as, the number of registered courts and facilities in the city (as well as taking population sizes into account), the report ranks each city from best to worst.

Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tucson are named Arizona’s top 3 tennis cities

Below is a list of the top 10 Arizonan tennis cities as per the index score:

*Registered as per the Global Tennis Network1

Taking the crown on the Arizona tennis index is the city of Phoenix (27.12 out of 100).

Overall, Arizonan cities perform well on the US ranking, with Phoenix (27.12), Scottsdale (20.61) and Tucson (30.81) all making the top 100!

The table below shows the number of facilities, courts and players per 10,000 of the city’s population:

*Per 10,000 of the city’s population

New York, Houston and Atlanta rank highest on the overall index

Sitting in the number one spot on the index, and home to the US Open, is New York City (48.2 out of 100). Boasting the highest population of any US city, The Big Apple has 185 registered facilities (2nd highest in America), 935 registered tennis courts (2nd highest in America) and over 1,600 registered tennis players (1st highest in America), resulting in the greatest index score.

However, it’s important to note the index also accounted for population figures, which is why places such as Tallahassee, Florida (4th) and Bethesda, Maryland (7th) rank so highly on the index.

Taking a dive into Tallahassee’s numbers, the city has 44 registered facilities (53rd highest in America), 199 registered tennis courts (53rd highest in America) and 768 registered tennis players (7th highest in America). However, what bumped them to 4th place were figures based on population. For example, the city in Florida had 41 registered players per 10,000 of the population, the 3rd highest across the states.