The Verrado neighborhood in the West Valley’s Buckeye community.

Here are the Arizona cities with the highest shares of families with kids

Parents were the unsung, multi-tasting heroes of the lockdown period.

One can only imagine how it is to juggle the job, parenting, and homeschooling in these past few months. And the burden was probably heavier on single parents.

There are 33.4 million families with children under 18 in the U.S., and at RENTCafé, researchers wanted to put them in the spotlight with their most recent study.

• Somerton is the city with the largest share of families with children in Arizona. 52% of families here have children. 55% of these families have school children (ages 6-17), which makes the lockdown perhaps more difficult in their case.

• 37% of the families in Somerton have children in both age groups, less than 6 and between 6  and 17 years old.

• Rio Rico has the largest share of families with school children in Arizona, 64%.

• Of the bigger cities, Gilbert has a share of 42% of families with kids, placing it second in the top of  U.S. large cities. 59% of these families have school-aged children.

The report with further rankings can be accessed here: