Every year, the team behind Fandometrics pores over enough data to block a proverbial Suez Canal. We analyze all of the tags, searches, posts, and every like and reblog on this blue hellsite (affectionate), categorizing the most popular stuff on Tumblr so we can give the gift of Year in Review in December that focuses on the biggest Internet trends of 2021.

Tumblr’s Year in Review contains a full 365 days’ worth of data, but it runs from October 21, 2020, to October 20, 2021. Supernatural fans, we know you were disappointed with Destiel going canon being absent from last year’s Year in Review. So you’re finally going to see November 5, 2020, represented. This is your payout.

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Like you, Year in Review has grown this past year. Matured. A glow up, if you will. You might notice some changes that reflect that, like a more inclusive Celebs list to replace the old Actors and Actresses lists. Or all TV shows (previously live-action, animated, and reality)  under one list header for the first time.

Keep your eyes peeled to this space all month long, Tumblr. The lists are all live now (go, go, go!), but we’ve got all sorts of goodies coming your way. Now, onto the good stuff.

Top 21 of 2021
TV Shows
Shadow and Bone
Marvel Round-Up
Hellsite Gazing
Tumblr Communities
Things We Care About
Solo Artists
Music Groups
K-Pop Stars
Minecraft Streamers
Web Celebs
Web Series
Video Games
Mobile Games
Video Game Characters
Genshin Impact
Anime & Manga
Anime & Manga Characters
Tumblr In The Wild