Moving experts at MovingFeedback used Zillow data to analyze the number of properties available to rent or buy in Arizona each month from 2020-2022. According to the study, July was the top month for people to move in Arizona, with August and June following close behind.

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July takes top spot for best month to move in Arizona

According to the MovingFeedback study, July had the most properties in Arizona available with a total of 37,131 homes to rent or buy in the state from 2020-2022.  

August is close behind with 36,878 properties available over the last three years. 

Here are the best times to move in Arizona, according to a study by MovingFeedback. (Photo courtesy of MovingFeedback/Zillow research data)

June is the third most popular month, with 36,676 properties available. 

The summer months offer more convenience when moving home as the weather is likely to be warm and rental leases start to expire, causing more people to look for properties. June, July and August are also typically the end of the academic year so many parents will wait until the summer to move house as it will not disrupt their child’s education.  

However, with most choosing to move at this time of year, moving companies are busy and costs are expensive.  

Winter months see slowdown for moving

The winter months are quieter due to the weather and holidays. They can also be the cheapest months to move as companies may have reduced moving rates during this time due to a lack of demand for services. 

Arizona’s climate varies, with the northern part of the state having a more moderate climate and snowfall in the winter, and the southern part being very dry and arid, with hot summers. 

The state’s population mainly resides in the urban areas, leaving the rural parts of the state with a relatively low population density.  

This could mean more competition for moving services within urban areas or an increased cost in moving to a less populated area. 

Harrison Gough, content writer at MovingFeedback commented on the findings: 

“When moving home it’s important to consider what you’ll need to complete the move,” he says. “The weather is a major factor in traveling to a new property and the findings support this, with the coldest winter months having the lowest number of listed properties. 

Gough adds that holidays can also be a huge factor in moving as offices and companies close around Christmas. However, the MovingFeedback study demonstrates that September reflects a large number of properties that coincides with the start of the new academic year.

“This could be due to parents looking to move to more desirable neighborhoods for their children,” Gough says, adding, “Labor Day typically marks the start of the off-season when it comes to moving home. This period from November to April is often cheaper than the summer months as people begin to start planning a move. The data from 2023 follows the trend set in previous years, with 384,305 listed properties as of April 30th.”