Cooling technology has about 150 years of history. Previously, much effort was spent obtaining and storing the main home-use tools. Technological progress has taken a giant step forward and offers new solutions for storing and cooling products. Modern home block ice makers from BF Tech are convenient to place in home kitchens, offices, in the country, cafes, bars and restaurants.

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The principle of operation of the block ice maker

Purified water enters the evaporator and freezes on the walls in a particular form; crushed pieces of ice enter the storage after forming the structure. The work of the block ice maker is fully automated. The block ice maker’s technical means adjust the warehouse’s filling with ice, and a programmable timer turns off the device when the hopper is full. Due to the small dimensions of this type of block ice maker, it is often needed in cottages, offices and small cafes.

Types of ice made by block ice makers

This device is a tool for creating ice of various sizes and shapes. Pieces of ice have the form not only of a cube but also of a cone, a pyramid, etc. The classic cubic shape of ice looks more beautiful in a drink. Such a block ice maker, which produces ice cubes in batches, is necessary for hotels, restaurants and cafes. A unique form for ice is often installed on the bar counter for convenience. The compact shape makes it easy to melt. Just connect the block ice maker to the network. Connection to the water supply is only sometimes necessary (depending on the device type). The independence of the block ice maker makes the compact device convenient for use in the countryside or on the beach, as it is easy to transport.

How to choose a block ice maker?

When choosing a block ice maker, focus mainly on the ice’s performance, shape and capacity. The idea of where to install the block ice maker is also important. Inexpensive and compact devices provide fresh ice for drinks, become a reliable bartender’s assistant and take first place in the kitchen. Such a device is uncompetitive in providing ice production for large companies. It does not take up much space in bars and hotels, but it is valuable and essential for the bartender.

How does the block ice maker work?

BF Tech has many different models, but at the same time, they all have the same principle of operation. Water is supplied to the surface of the evaporator by a special pump. When water enters the evaporator, it turns into ice. The hot steam is then fed onto the ice formed into cubes or pyramids. Under hot steam, pieces of ice fall out of the evaporator and into a particular funnel. The temperature inside the bunker is kept low; the ice turns back into the water.

How to choose a block ice maker for bars?

When choosing, we recommend paying attention to the following points: performance. When you buy a block ice maker for home use, a device with an ice capacity of 12-15 kilograms per day is enough. If you need a professional block ice maker (for example, for use in a small cafe or restaurant), you should pay attention to a more productive device (20-50 kilograms of ice per day). Industrial block ice makers are considered the most efficient and can produce hundreds of kilograms of ice installation type. There is a type that can be placed on the floor and a type that can be placed on a table. But here, you must understand that the latter is more compact and portable. The second type is ideal for homes or small cafes and bars—a water supply method. There are devices of the filling type with centralized water supply. The last option is more productive. It is also more suitable for catering establishments, supermarkets, hypermarkets and the food industry. Ice shape – when you want to use ice to cool a drink, you should first pay attention to a block ice maker (some devices can make ice in the form of pyramids or cubes). It would help if you also had a block ice maker with more power when you use ice to chill and store food (such as fish or meat). The container for storing ready-made ice can be built-in or removable. Embedded devices are typically found in homes, coffee shops, restaurants, and other places targeted at small organizations. However, fish and meat producers often use takeaway food that needs a lot of ice.

Block ice maker: features and functions

It is worth considering the main advantages of such devices:

High-quality ice without unpleasant odours and impurities. Additional filtration removes various heavy metals and traces elements.

Perfect shape with maximum contact area. Quickly cool hot or alcoholic drinks using the block ice maker, and the glass becomes cool in minutes.

You only need to press one button on the device. Maximum comfort. The compact size protects your kitchen work surface without getting ahead of your usual tasks.

If you follow the rules of operation, the block ice maker will work for a long time. The qualitative aspect also depends on the functional characteristics.

At BF Tech, you will find professional equipment for your restaurant or bar. The choice depends entirely on personal preferences and the purpose of the device. More powerful devices have become more popular thanks to the marketing and advertising of alcoholic beverages. Although, cheaper options also cope well with the tasks assigned to them. The shape of the ice is optional when choosing a block ice maker with different water inlets. Simpler devices use manual water injection. There is no need to use a particular container for this. Just use an ordinary glass. More advanced options use a connection to the water network. Their use is not problematic; the instructions describe everything in the most informative way. If you choose the additional functionality of the block ice maker, the price will change several times.

Cooling system

The price of a block ice maker depends on the presented characteristics. Currently, two main types are used in practice: water and air. In the first case, freezing occurs through a liquid, so a large amount of water must be supplied to facilitate this process. The second option is to turn water into ice using air. The last disadvantage is related to the need for more frequent maintenance. Many devices have the unique feature of mobility. The device works with a finger or a particular battery; it can be taken with you on a picnic. Consider a more familiar product if you don’t need such features. In this case, there is no problem with replacing the battery.

The price of a block ice maker depends on its use in professional institutions. All products belong to the following categories:

For home use – small in size and designed to produce a small amount of ice. Compact enough to place anywhere in the kitchen.

Professional – there are different types and larger sizes, and they occupy a large area and produce up to 950 kilograms of ice. This option is actively used in bars.

Don’t expect a professional block ice maker to make your kitchen more attractive and functional because a professional block ice maker is optional for home use. If you want to buy high-quality, practical and inexpensive products, look at the catalogue at BF Tech and choose the most successful model. Pay attention to technical parameters, purpose and other important nuances. The purchase takes place in a few simple steps. It is necessary to fill out an application, wait for a call from a specialist, and accept the terms of delivery of goods within the set time limit. Buying a block ice maker from BF Tech has never been such a simple and affordable process.