What’s in a name? For a Chinese Crested dog called Scarlett No Haira and a dark, moody cat known as Edgar Allen Paw, it is the distinction of being declared Wackiest Pet Names of 2020.

Each year, Nationwide, the nation’s first and largest provider of pet health insurance in the U.S., recognizes the most imaginative and unique names among its roster of four-legged members. After a deep dive into the company’s database of insured pets, the top 10 wackiest dog and cat names were selected and put to a recent vote among Nationwide’s pet parents. Here are the Wackiest Pet Names of 2020 for dogs and cats.


Scarlett No Haira – WINNER

Anakin Tailwagger

Andre Igoudogla

Joan of Bark

Madame Squishy Van Wrinkleface

Stella Barktois

Sugar Bubbles Fancypants

The Other Dude

Trillium Points Jacobs Ladder

Zoe Max Berger Sacks


Edgar Allen Paw – WINNER

Admiral Turbo Meowington

Captain Sushi


Ella Whiskers Oreo Hurst

Fernsbane the Inquisitive

Macaroni Bob

Mingus Pookiebutts

Neville Furbottom

Tika Meowsala

“While we all love a descriptive name like Goldie, or those that captured the zeitgeist like Rey or Bella, pet parents who take a unique approach to pet naming are also very much appreciated at Nationwide,” said Dr. Jules Benson, Nationwide’s Chief Veterinary Officer. “Whether the moniker is meant to be funny, ironic, or just plain nonsensical, giving an intentionally uncommon name shows a special thoughtfulness about a pet’s place within a family.”

For photos and background stories of the top 10 wackiest dog and cat names, visit www.wackypetnames.com.