If you’re picking out paint for your home interior, don’t forget to also consider a wall mural! Murals personalize a space and turn a dull wall into a vibrant scene. Once thought of as only exterior accents, this decorative technique is gaining popularity in businesses, office spaces and homes across the world.

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As a full-time artist and muralist, I’ve had the privilege of gracing the walls of many homes and businesses here in Phoenix. I am excited to share some helpful tips for getting started on your mural journey. Here are things to consider when embarking on this beautification process.

Places Where Murals Shine

Murals can liven up any spot and boost the psychology of a person. If you’re considering the best places for a mural, tap into where you spend the most time in your home and the way you desire to feel in each space. 

Wall murals, when done right, can be a fantastic addition to almost any area of the home. They have the power to enhance the room’s aesthetic appeal and create a positive atmosphere. 

The living room is a central space in most homes, where family and friends gather. A mural in this area can serve as a captivating focal point, setting the tone for the entire home and providing a conversation starter. 

In the bedroom, a mural can create a calming and soothing ambiance, conducive to relaxation and sleep. Nature-themed murals or abstract designs with soft colors can be particularly suitable for bedrooms.

Wall murals in children’s rooms are very popular choices. Having a wall mural for your kiddo to enjoy can spark imagination, foster creativity, and make the room more engaging and playful. Consider themes like outer space, forests, fairytales, or even their favorite characters.

Dining Rooms and kitchens are also often the heart of the home. A mural can add personality and warmth and set the mood for gatherings and meals. Murals can create a unique dining experience and add an element of elegance or fun to the room.

Another area that often gets overlooked but creates a phenomenal canvas are hallways. A well-designed mural can transform a simple passageway into a visually exciting journey through your home. 

If you are someone who enjoys spending time outdoors and has a patio space, pool wall, or mundane cinder block wall, consider a nature-inspired mural to blend seamlessly with the outdoor environment, creating a harmonious and inviting space. Or, go for an element of pizzazz and incorporate fun, vibrant colors to create your own unique oasis. 

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What to Consider Before Adding Your Mural

Like picking out clothes- can you see yourself wearing this outfit? And is it your personal style?

When I meet with clients about adding murals, I ask them questions about who they are, what speaks to them, and what their values are. I want to make sure that the art being created is a proper representation and reflection of who they are (either as a person, family, or company). It is important to consider your personal style and have the color scheme compliment surrounding areas and accessories in the space. You’ll want your mural to be a statement piece, while still adding to the flow of the house.

I also like to get to the root of what emotion a person is desiring to feel when entering into a space. Art has the power to elicit certain types of emotions. Knowing whether a person wants to feel calm and tranquil, uplifted and energized, or any other arrangement of emotions, makes a big difference on the direction of the design and chosen color palette. 

What Should I Discuss With the Artist?

Be prepared to share what inspires you and what style you would like represented in your project with an artist. It’s always helpful to bring a few mood board samples or inspiration photos examples when you first meet with an artist so they can get a gist of the style you lean toward.

Another piece you should be prepared to discuss is the budget. An artist will take into account the size of the wall, the amount of detail going into the design, how many colors will be used, and the predicted time it will take them to complete the project. All of these factors significantly impact the total cost of the mural art. Consider your budget before meeting with an artist and the scale of the work.

How A Mural Influences a Space

Our personal design style is what makes us unique and lightens up our home. A mural is a huge game changer for a space. It can elevate mood and bring a sense of wonder to anyone who steps inside.

Set the tone for who you are and the energy you’re putting out with the mural you decide on. Remember that professionals are always there to talk through exactly what you want and make your vision come to life.

Author: Taylor Victoria a professional full-time artist and muralist here in the Valley and takes joy in being your art expert. For more information, questions, or to inquire for your own mural mural project, visit taylorvictoriaart.com or follow her on instagram at @Taylor.Victoria.Art.