It’s either you or your neighbors, someone is likely getting a delivery each day around you and with the holidays around the corner it’s only going to get busier for them. But what are the nicest cities toward delivery people in the U.S.?

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While viral videos show crazy things happening to delivery people, a new study shows the positive side of where Americans are nicest to them. These areas do things like tipping, or merely sharing a smile and Phoenix is one of the nicest!

Key findings:

  • Phoenix ranks #14 among nicest cities toward delivery people.
  • 55% of Phoenix respondents said they are more generous tipping during the holiday season and 34% said they always tip 20% to food delivery people.
  • 52% of Phoenix respondents said they always smile at delivery people & 43% always make eye contact with them.
  • 55% of Phoenix respondents said they have held a gate or door to help a delivery person.
  • With states overall, Arizona ranked #22 for nicest to delivery people.

We live in a world today where just about anything you can think of is available at the tips of your fingers with online shopping. And with online shopping comes more interactions with delivery people. With this in mind, our team set out to find where Americans are treating delivery people the best. Read on to see how your state ranked among the rest. 


  • Residents in Kentucky, Virginia, and Georgia are nicest to delivery people. 
  • Residents in Kansas, Indiana, and Washington are the least nice to delivery people. 
  • Just 1 in 6 Americans know their mail person’s name.
  • Small gestures can go a long way, as 51% of Americans have held the door for a delivery person. 
  • After having a good experience, 50% of Americans have made sure to leave a positive review for a delivery person. 
  • When it comes to tipping, 75% of Americans tend to leave a 20% tip for food delivery people.
  • Delivery people in Louisville, KY, Nashville, TN, and Las Vegas, NV, are the most likely to experience kind customers.