It’s a common misconception that scorpions only appear during the scorching hot summer, but these arachnids are still active during the fall months. As long as the temperature remains at 76 degrees, which is common for Arizona until winter, scorpions will be present and seeking places to hide in and around a home.

Where do they go? What attracts them as a hiding place? Scorpion Repel is a Gilbert-based pest control company specializing in scorpions and offers these four places as common spots to find these little critters.

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Dead Leaves 

There’s one simple action that can limit the presence of scorpions; landscaping. Leaf piles are often a cool, moist place for scorpions to find food. Any foliage and debris should be swept up to avoid bugs that will attract scorpions, including leaves.

Remember that scorpions are mostly nocturnal, so they want to hide during the day. Be careful around rocks that provide shade as well as palm trees where many scorpions love to dwell as they can often find a path into a window and into the house.

Piles of Firewood 

David Gilmer is the chief operating officer for Scorpion Repel.

The cool shade available to scorpions under a pile of leaves is also available in a nice stack of firewood. Wood attracts other small bugs as a helpful food source and will keep scorpions safe from predators and the heat. After a recent rain, homeowners are especially likely to find these critters in a pile of wood or other damp yard debris.

Our experts recommend shaking out logs before bringing them into the house to avoid carrying a scorpion inside.  

Another method to securing the yard is with safe, professional protection that won’t cause harm to you or the scorpion. Scorpion Repel offers a pesticide-free application that dries to a glass texture on the surface of a home’s foundation wall and makes it impossible for scorpions to climb up.  

Tall Boots

These boots are made for walkin’-but be sure to shake them first! Scorpions love to hide in shoes, which are often left in a cool and quiet place. 

Tall boots are harder to peer into, and in Arizona, are often left alone until fall or winter, giving scorpions plenty of time to take up residence within. Our experts advise pointing the shoe down toward the heel and tapping at the toe to check no critters are inside.

A word to the wise, scorpions sometimes play dead before striking with their stinger. Be cautious when checking for scorpions in your boots.

The Walls

It’s an unpleasant thought, and luckily rare, but scorpions can find a home in the walls if there’s an entrance. Scorpions are small enough to fit in a crack as thin as a credit card and find solace in the dark. 

Arizona bark scorpions can climb walls so be sure to check for open spots in the house’s infrastructure, especially near the garages, doors, and windows.

Scorpion Repel advises sealing the home to ensure safety. The best sealant measure is to apply Scorpion Repel, a patented, one-time application, pesticide-free, scorpion repellent that will permanently seal scorpions out of your home. 

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David Gilmer is the chief operating officer for Scorpion Repel.