Farmhouse-style homes and kitchens are here to stay. This comfy, simple, and aesthetically pleasing home design has become one of the most popular in America, according to a 2020 survey by The survey of 5,000 Americans across all 50 states stated that farmhouse homes were the most popular “across the board.” The survey also showed that Arizona residents’ favorite style was a mid-century modern ranch-style home, but farmhouse homes are being purchased right when they get on the market According to Bellago Homes Owner Wayne Funk. 

“One thing I know about farmhouse homes is that they always sell and there is never enough of them to meet demand,” Funk said. 

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A farmhouse-style home is characterized by paneled wood walls, wide-plank floors, and exposed wood beams. The modern farmhouse style home takes this classic and cozy look and adds modern touches with neutral color schemes, glossy accents, and smooth lines

Simone Bumpus, a Design Associate for Scottsdale kitchen remodeler Kitchens by Good Guys said she started seeing more requests for farmhouse style kitchens when popular home renovation shows began showcasing the new style. 

“Home renovation channels started to really promote farmhouse homes and kitchens five years ago and it became a staple,” Bumpus said. “After that, I started to notice homeowners really identify with the style and we have been doing it in some variation ever since.” 

Bumpus described a farmhouse-style kitchen as a modernized version of grandma’s kitchen. They are typically made up of white shaker-style cabinets and some sort of accent island made from a warm wood and an accent paint color.

A farmhouse home also features industrial elements like metal accents in the lighting, cabinets, and hardware that create a contrast with the warm wood finishes in the rest of the home.

The kitchen features a farmhouse sink, handmade ceramic items, wood cutting boards, floating shelves, and decorative signs.

Bumpus said that these things together give a farmhouse home a timeless feel which contributes to its popularity.

“There is so much depth, warmth, and texture throughout a farmhouse-style home that makes it feel comfortable and lived in,” Bumpus said. “I think all these things together are the reasons why the farmhouse homes and kitchens continue to be popular.” 

Bellago Homes owner Wayne Funk said farmhouse-style homes have remained popular due to their simplicity.

“A Farmhouse home is an elegant, simple, and adaptable design with bright and happy colors,” Funk said. “I think that simple versatility is the reason farmhouse homes remain popular.”

Max Lancaster is a freelance writer living in Tempe.