Are you considering redesigning your kitchen to put a spark into your current house?

Perhaps the “sacred food area” in your home could use a facelift to liven things up.

Heck, maybe you’re just finally ready to take action on the dream kitchen you’ve always envisioned for yourself!

Whatever the case may be… congratulations on taking the first steps towards planning the remodel!

There are several ways to go about gathering information and inspiration for the new kitchen.

Thanks to the era in which you live, you have kitchen remodeling apps to help!

Here are 11 apps that can you can use before and during the kitchen remodeling process to make things easier.

11 Kitchen Remodeling Apps/Software You Should Consider

Even though you’ve been dreaming of this day for years, there’s probably still a few ideas and information you could use a hand with.

Here are 11 apps that can give you the boost you need!

Zillow Digs

Is there anything this Seattle-based company CAN’T do when it comes to houses?

Zillow Digs provides ALL the information you need when thinking through your kitchen remodeling such as cost estimates, product suggestions, etc.

There are a copious amount of pictures to help you envision the ideas you’re considering.

What’s better is you can collect and save those images, then share them with your significant other and kitchen designer.

Zillow Digs boast all the amazing database features of the website that you’re familiar with to help you rifle through different ideas.


Want to use a tool that ranks #1 for professional kitchen design software AND is Windows and Mac compatible? Look no further than ProKitchen!

This site offers a designing software that can help you start your design on a free trial basis to get things going.

You can choose from their catalogs, walkthrough video tutorials for inspiration, and even be coached through their training online.

If you’re looking for assistance in an all-encompassing software, ProKitchen should fit perfectly.


Ah yes, the go-to app for anything relating to design, motivation, or even the motivation to start designing: Pinterest.

Comb through a variety of different photos to gain inspiration for your project and save them all for later use by “pinning” them.

Careful though… Pinterest is highly addicting.

What may start as a brief scroll to get ideas for cabinet colors could easily turn into hours of admiring all the different ideas!


This free software gives you full reign over the renovation project you’re looking for with a 3D display to bring your creation to life!

Start by designing the layout of your kitchen. If you’re remodeling, just simply adjust it to your kitchen’s current layout.

From there you can place items such as sinks, ovens, and countertops at your leisure!


It’s probably safe to say you go on Instagram daily as is. Heck, that may have been where you got the idea to remodel your kitchen in the first place!

Instagram allows you to follow different designers’ accounts or follow hashtags relating to kitchen designing to give you pointers from the top influencers.

Are you trying to keep up with the trendy designs that Joanna and Chip Gaines are suggesting? Follow them on Instagram!

IKEA 3D Planner

Who doesn’t love walking around in an IKEA store, right?

Well with their 3D planner, you can go on their site and create your dream kitchen’s layout from start to finish.

Comb through several features and filters to find the products that gel best with what you’re looking to incorporate.


As you’re probably already aware, Youtube is VERY addicting!

There’s probably no better place to go for tutorials that Youtube. This app makes it easy to follow top designers and contractors by subscribing to their channel.

We all prefer watching a video to reading articles every now and then, so it’s great to have this app in your back pocket when you need a quick answer.


Looking for a remodeling app that can serve as a great starting point for your project?

Houzz is an interactive app that thrives on being an information hub to both designers and clients alike.

Houzz allows the clients to gain knowledge and motivation but also helps designers gain understanding and specifics on the products you’re interested in.

The photo quality AND quantity are unmatched, a perfect place that you can take an idea from and not have to worry about your next-door neighbor having the same thing.


As the name of the App itself implies, TapPainter can give you ALL the advice and recommendations you need on painting.

It even has a feature that analyzes your kitchens lighting (natural and electric) and finds colors that gel with both.

If you already have your mind made up on a color or two, no problem! The app will let you know what other colors can mesh with it!

NKBA Planning App

Whether you realized it or not, there are rules and regulations to what you can and can’t do in your kitchen.

That’s why it’s so important to bring a Kitchen Designer in on your project in the first place.

However, if you’re in the early stages of that process, then the NKBA app can help you understand the standards your dream kitchen will have to obey.

Don’t worry though, it’s not just a long list of legal instruction with no pictures. This app provides visual examples of both the right and the wrong.

Colorsnap Visualizer

There are people out there in the remodeling world that have sworn allegiance to Sherwin-Williams paint.

If you’re one of those people, then the Colorsnap app is for you since it’s created by SW.

This app boasts much of the same features as TapPainter, but with more knowledge on Sherwin-Williams products specifically (for obvious reasons).

Your Masterpiece Kitchen Is Drawing Near!

So there you have it, several kitchen remodeling apps and software to get you started on planning the kitchen of your dreams!

Now it’s a matter of acting on your ideas and putting them into play. Best of luck! May your dream kitchen serve you well for years to come!

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