Trends in home designs come and go, much like fashion changes every season. Yet, to ensure that your home design is picturesque it is essential to keep in mind the currents designs which are trending

These designs need to be something which will be loved by every homeowner, be it a person who is part of the corporate life or one who writes features for interior design magazines! Keeping every sort of clientele in mind, here are the top interior design trends of 2018 which will be loved by all.

Let the light shine through

Walls which have multiple windows are always an instant hit, which is why floor to ceiling windows are a big trend in 2018. Everyone likes to have a lot of light coming into their rooms and living rooms because of the ambiance it creates.

Even according to Feng Shui, light is essential to create a balanced chi. In other words, a room which is too dark will give out more yang energy which is considered to be negative energy, which is why light is conducive to balancing the yin and yang.

It is believed that the energy of the sun stays in the room all day which brings positive and happy vibes, which is why choosing windows over walls is always recommended.

Create a statement with statement floors and wallpapers

Statement floors are a great way to create a great vibe in the room, by allowing minimal cluttering. If you’re looking to do up a new place or just re-do your current place, statement floors can be a great way to make a room pop without making too many changes.

Statement wallpapers, essentially just on one wall in the room, such as bold colours, geometric shapes or even floral designs are a great way to spruce up a room without changing too much around. If you’re looking a unique and easy refurbishment in 2018, then statements floors or wallpapers are the way to go. This is an added boon when it comes to taking picture-perfect shots in your own home!

Pastel tones are the themes to go for

Pastel shades seem to be the Pantone colour of the year 2018, so choosing any pastel shade as the main theme of your interior décor is a great idea. This décor could be showcased through signature pieces such as paintings, curtains or furniture, or it could be the overall theme of the house by choosing small accessories such as pillow-cases, lamp shades, throw rugs and much more.

One great advantage of pastel colours is that their neutral tones go with almost every colour, which makes it easy to mix and match without getting stuck to any one particular shade.

Keeping these designs and currents trends in mind, it is also essential to remember that you are the one who has to live in your house day in and out. So choose a décor that gives you happiness without worrying about how long it will or won’t stay trending. Give your house a style personality that will be a silent spokesperson for you!