One of the simplest things you can do to bring color and vibrancy into your living space is to add a bouquet of flowers and house plants to the different rooms in your home. A plethora of floral arrangements and house plants completely change the mood of your home and give your house guest something wonderful to look at. 

These are some floral arrangement tips from a professional florist that can bring your home to life. 

Coffee Table Centerpiece

A small compote of Lavender roses, Orange Peruvian Lilies, White Larkspur, Purple Wax Flowers and Hot Pink Mini Carnations is the perfect floral piece to spruce up your living room coffee table.

A small and colorful centerpiece gives house guest a captivating place to congregate. A modest size centerpiece allows guest to see over it and look at each other as well as the breathtaking bouquet.

Add leafy greenery to this centerpiece in order to fill out the arrangement by giving the centerpiece more dimension. Eucalyptus is the most common greenery to add to your piece because it comes in so many different varieties.

The flowers selected in this centerpiece have a very light smell that can mask any uninvited odors while simultaneously not overpowering your living room or causing allergies to flare. 

 Moderate upkeep is required for this centerpiece. It should be watered once-per-day with the flower food packet and water mixture. 

A Simple Succulent

A tiny Succulent is a perfect piece for your home office or end table. Succulents are a popular house plant and bring life into any room.  Succulents can be very hard to take care of due to the fact that they need a lot of sunlight and don’t seem to like air-conditioned rooms.

Succulents can be finicky, but I would still recommend them for a home, especially on a windowsill, due to being a pretty and versatile house plant.

 The Dining Room Centerpiece

White Hydrangeas, Pink Lisianthus, Pink Larkspur, Anemones, Billy Balls and various eucalyptus greenery is a centerpiece made for your dining room table.

Beautiful floral colors varied with white, pink and yellow flowers bring out the room and draw eyes to your dining room. Color variation in your centerpiece is important to ensure that the piece is beautiful from every angle. 

Dining room arrangements are fairly large, around two feet across, to ensure that the bouquet properly fills out a normal-sized dining room table. 

Moderate upkeep. It should be watered with a mixture of the flower food packet and water once-per-day.

A dining room centerpiece is perfect for any home with frequent house guests. A well designed floral centerpiece is the quintessential piece of home décor that will draw your guests’ eyes to your beautiful dining room.

Ficus on Your End Table

You can bring out the lushness of a living space by adding Ficus Plants on an end table or windowsill. Ficus is one of the most popular house plants. They are easy to grow and offer a lot of variety with different textures, colors and sizes to fit practically anyone’s personal taste. 

Ficus is a low maintenance plant. They need very little sunlight and only require watering one or two times a week. 

I would recommend a Ficus plant for any home.



Shannon Slattery is the owner of Fiesta Flowers Plants and Gifts a family-owned and operated full-service florist in Tempe Arizona.