Nothing compliments your home quite like the right furniture. The right furniture setup can add comfort, style, and utility to your home. After a year of living and working from home, more homeowners are thinking more about their living rooms and dining rooms. This means they are buying furniture that serves as attractive and fashionable pieces that give their space an authentic and homely feel. The new year means Arizonans are looking to bring their living rooms and dining rooms to life. Here are some of the living room and dining room furniture trends to look out for in 2022.

A nice side table for the living room 

Every homeowner needs an aesthetically pleasing and functioning side table that is designed to blend with your living room while also helping you display decorations and place drinks. Homeowners are looking for solid wood tables with a natural white oak color and no staining. Natural wood is more popular these days because allowing the grain pattern to be prominent and speak for itself can create a very unique and genuine piece. Homeowners are not looking for their side table to make a statement because many of them are moving away from large expensive houses and finding solace in cozy and smaller spaces. A smaller space does not allow for a big side table so homeowners need one that is big enough to fill a space, but not so small that it isn’t noticed in your home. 

TV stands for the modern era

Homeowners are no longer looking for a robust TV stand that serves as the centerpiece of your living room. Today people want a credenza-style TV stand that focuses on the television rather than the piece itself. Homeowners would prefer the television to make a statement while the TV stand blends into the home. Storage needs for TV stands have changed as well. They are no longer a place to hide and store DVDs and are now a place to store and prominently display vinyl records, and a soundbar. 

Smaller bookshelves for smaller homes 

Storage space is hard to find, especially if you live downtown. People are always looking for more storage space that allows you to show off your things instead of just stuffing them in a box. A small bookshelf is a sleek and classic way to store your goods while adding another nice furniture piece to your home. Homeowners are looking for a piece that allows them to show off knick-knacks while also giving them a furniture piece that can add to the design of your home. Your bookshelf should complement your home design, while also not drawing attention away from the rest of the home.

Large wood dining tables 

A lot of people are ready to socialize again and that means dinner parties are returning. Having guests over for dinner means many homeowners need a large dining room table. Large wood tables that seat six to eight people are popular. Homeowners are looking for minimalistic designs to match the more modern aesthetics of their homes. The tables are made of hardwoods such as oak, walnut, or mahogany. Hardwood tables are more resilient so it is best for a home that frequently entertains guests or a home with kids.

There is a lot to be excited about in 2022 and the furniture designs homeowners will bring out in the new year will help highlight a lot of beautiful new homes.

Shad Sikes is the owner of Moderne Design Studio, a full-service custom furniture manufacturer in Phoenix Arizona. Moderne Design Studio strives to provide exquisite customer pieces to homeowners, business owners, and interior designers across the country.