The arrival of spring means longer days and hotter weather. It also means it’s the best time to tackle home improvement projects around your house. Sprucing up your home inside and out can be time-consuming, but it doesn’t need to break the bank – and is guaranteed to be rewarding.

Here are six easy spring home improvement projects you can accomplish for under $1,000.

Update Your Entry

The look of your doorway makes a big statement about the exterior of your house. A great-looking doorway makes a great first impression on your visitors, and will likely be appreciated by your neighbors as well. If yours is particularly decayed, consider a new paint job or replacing the door and doorframe. While you’re at it you can also consider enhancing the security of your home with new and improved locks.

Hire a Housecleaner

Cleaning one room can take a lot out of a person, let alone a whole house. Thankfully, there are people who are not only used to cleaning whole houses at a time, they’re experts. A housecleaner will be able to tackle the aspects of cleaning you dread with aplomb and vigor. While you should always aim to keep your home in general order, so that it isn’t in complete disarray when they arrive, a housecleaner can put some great finishing touches on.

Bring Your Yard to Life

If you have a lawn, some fertilizer and a prune of the trees will go a long way toward adding some curb appeal. If you have more of a desert look to your property, consider what shrubs and cactuses would look great adjacent to your home – they can add privacy and make a strong visual statement. There are even workshops you can attend in the Phoenix area to learn how to grow your garden.

Install Electrical Switches, Outlets Or Fixtures

With so many electrical devices, you might feel like you need more wall outlets than ever. Take inventory of your electrical switches and outlets and determine where you could use some more, or where your current ones could be moved. You should also look into reducing your energy bill with “smart” switches, which allow you to control a variety of devices through your smartphone.

Update lighting

Let there be light! But maybe that light could look even better and reduce your carbon footprint? Your current lamps and other light fixtures might be getting a bit long in the tooth (bulb?), but you don’t have to switch to candlelight just yet. With Energy Star-rated devices, you can find modern and more environmentally-friendly light devices to give your home a truly contemporary edge.

Decorate the Walls

Your walls are there for you to show off your personality. So, it’s a shame to keep them bare. While you don’t want to absolutely plaster ever inch of your walls with posters or artwork, you can utilize space with discretion and taste to make your walls sing. Symmetrical shelves can add true zest, as can paintings or prints by your favorite artists. You can also try adding actual life to your walls through hanging plants or shelves.

Once you come up with a plan for a home improvement project, you can enjoy the process of seeing it to the end. It might take concentration and hard work, but the result will be worth it. If you aren’t sure where to start, consider observing what stands out to you about a friend’s house the next time you’re invited over. Consult with a professional, like an interior decorator, for further insight and perspective about the best course of action for your house, and consider a small home improvement loan that you can repay back over the rest of the year.

Beth Kotz is a contributing writer to She specializes in covering financial advice for female entrepreneurs, college students and recent graduates. She earned a BA in Communications and Media from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, where she continues to live and work.