Kitchen remodeling is the second most popular type of home improvement job; it’s only second to bathroom remodels.

Are you considering doing a home renovation project? Then you definitely have to give your kitchen some thought. After all, it’s the place where you prep your meals, so it’s got to be a warm and inviting space!

Stumped on how to revamp your kitchen? Then here are 7 kitchen redo ideas for a fresh cooking environment!

1. Put in a Walk-In Pantry

A walk-in pantry can be a godsend if you’re constantly running out of space in the kitchen and everything looks cluttered. When you have one in your home, you can put all your supplies and rarely-used kitchen appliances, pots, and pans in there.

As a result, your kitchen itself will look pristine. Everything will have its own place and instead of it being exhausting to look at, it’ll make you feel refreshed.

Plus, you can use the walk-in pantry as a way to showcase your passion for cooking. Consider putting in a French door or a door with some glass panels in it so visitors can see into your pantry. If all your supplies are neatly put away, it’ll look nice and cozy.

2. Switch out Your Backsplash

Your backsplash is there to catch all the spattering that comes from your daily cooking. So you may not really give it a second thought; it’s just there for a functional purpose, right?


This is a prime real estate to take advantage of! Instead of making it look the same as the rest of your kitchen, think about swapping it out for something more interesting.

For instance, you can pick out some vibrant and energetic tiles. Or you can choose a metallic backsplash. Think outside of the box and don’t try to make it look all the same, as that can make your kitchen quite boring.

Whatever your choice is, it’s sure to add some energy and personality to this space in your home.

3. Make It Bigger!

When you first bought your home, the small kitchen may have been fine when it was just you and your husband.

Fast forward years later—there’s you, hubby, 5 kids, plus pets to boot! Needless to say, your kitchen is probably feeling pretty cramped.

Since you’re already doing a renovation, why not knock out the existing kitchen and expand it so it doesn’t feel so claustrophobic? That way, everyone can hang out together without tripping over one another every 2 seconds.

This also gives you the chance to make the living room feel bigger. What you once threw in there can now go in the kitchen after you’re done remodeling. It’s highly recommended to hire a kitchen remodeling contractor if you want the job done professionally and eye-catching from the design perspective.

4. Add a Breakfast Nook

While you’re expanding your kitchen, why not put in a cozy breakfast nook? This can be especially breathtaking if you have a great view outside the window of the surrounding greenery.

This nook can provide your family with a warm spot to relax with one another. Or it can be an inspirational workspace if you work from home.

The corners of most kitchens are unused anyway, so by putting a breakfast nook in, you’re getting more bang for your buck.

5. Put in a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are a worthy upgrade since it can give your kitchen a more elevated and elegant look. It also provides a central area that draws everyone’s attention.

You can choose to put in cabinets so you get extra storage, or you can put your range on the island so you can showcase your cooking in the center of the room. Or you could get some barstools to place at the island so the kids can do their homework while you meal prep.

A kitchen island opens the door to so many fun and exciting things you can do with your kitchen. This is especially true if you like to entertain. When you have a central kitchen island, everyone can gather around and socialize without you feeling like you’re being left out.

6. Install Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinets are extremely popular because they fit any style or aesthetic, no matter what year it is. If you’re a person who doesn’t like to keep up with changing styles, plus you like simplistic things, then Shaker cabinets are a must.

This style of cabinet consists of flat recessed panels, no bevels, and 5-piece doors. The result? A clean and simple look.

They have plenty of space inside and you can choose from a wide array of colors. Because of this, you won’t have to worry too much about matching them up with the rest of your kitchen. It’s almost foolproof when it comes to picking out Shaker cabinets!

7. Replace Your Old Appliances

Replacing your older appliances does more than just enhance your kitchen aesthetics. It can also save you money in the long run.

While you have to put down a good amount of money to replace all your appliances, you’ll be pleased to know that they’ll pay for themselves soon enough. Most newer appliances are Energy Star-certified, which means they won’t guzzle electricity like your older machines did.

Use These Kitchen Redo Ideas for Inspiration

If you have a big renovation project coming up and you’re stuck on what to do for your kitchen, now you have these kitchen redo ideas to draw upon for inspiration!

All of the ideas above can be great starting points. Just put your spin on things to make it unique and truly your own.

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