7 signs it’s time to consider replacing old windows

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Are you having problems with your windows?

Managing a home is harder than most people expect. There are lots of things to look out for like potential mold clusters and decay in the house. These problems often take priority over everything else.

People often forget about other household problems and only take action when other issues manifest. A house’s windows are always the first to cause major concern.

This is often because of age and you should be replacing old windows before they become a bigger problem. With all the other things to look out for in a home, though, how will you know when to replace your windows?

Read what we have below to know the 7 signs to look out for in knowing when to replace your house’s old windows.

1. Corrosion Around the Window Frame

This is a telltale sign that you need to replace your windows. The frame of the window receives most of the damage during a storm or even with a drizzle. The water and moisture often seep into the frame if not cleaned as soon as possible or without proper protection.

Frames may also appear warped or bumpy. If this is the case, then dry rot is your biggest worry. Despite its name, dry rot thrives in moisture and will spread to other wooden parts of the house.

You should take action as soon as you spot any corrosion around the frames. Leaving it alone will only make your old windows worse and your house along with it.

2. Difficulty in Opening or Closing Your Windows

Even with age, most old windows have no trouble opening or closing. This is a sign that the house has kept its condition throughout the years. There will be no need to replace it as long as it stays this way.

Should it become a chore to open or close them, though, then it’s time to replace them. This is a sign that the parts of the house started shrinking before. Shrinking often happens around the frame and means the house is warping to accommodate shrinkage.

Replacing old windows is important in this case to prevent weakness in the house. It can also lead to hazards in an emergency. Tight windows can prevent you from exiting a house during a fire, for example.

3. Signs of Cracking or Wearing

Old windows often crack and get worn down. You should replace any window with them as soon as you can. This is because these problems can give way to bigger ones if left alone.

You can have these filled in or covered up because of how small the damages appear. Doing this is only a temporary solution, though. Damages can still go through because these have weakened the material surrounding them, too.

Window replacement is the only surefire way you can continue to protect your home. Brand new ones don’t have the damages from before and will last longer with proper maintenance.

4. Loud Noises When Opening or Closing

Are creaky windows driving you insane? This is often because the windows have become outdated beyond simple fixes.

Most people often remedy this with WD40 or anything of the like. This will solve the sound issue for a while. However, this won’t resolve the main problem of the window.

Creaking is often because the window has rust around the frames. This means it can eat away at the frame, leading to the collapse of the window.

Cleaning out the rust often leaves you with little to work with. Replacing old creaky windows is the only way to be sure it remains durable through storms.

5. Noticeable Draft Even with Closed Windows

Noticing a draft even with the windows closed can mean 2 things. The first scenario is that the windows expanded before and have gone back to their original size. This often happens when you experience rain and have dry weather the next day.

Wooden windows and frames absorb moisture and the rapid evaporation causes them to expand. These often settle after a while, but not without permanent damage. There can be small spaces remaining where air can pass through.

The second scenario is because of your window seals coming undone. Seals keep the fringes of your window closed. Having them peel off means wind can slip through the fringes and enter your home.

No matter what scenario you come across, have drafts fixed as soon as possible. Drafts can cause you to have a higher energy bill. This is because they cause your HVAC system to work twice as much with all the air it produced escaping the house.

6. Condensation on the Panes

Having failed seals also means you may experience having condensation form on your windowpanes. This isn’t as big of a deal as the other problems, but it can cause your window to decay or rotting.

Condensation means water can get inside of your house and into the wood holding the window. This becomes more of a problem if you have a double window setup for insulation. Moisture can accumulate between the panes and cause it to drop to the bottom.

Moisture can expand wood, as mentioned above, and cause your home to wear down.

7. Lack of Soundproofing

Modern-day windows provide a lot compared to old ones. This includes soundproofing as one of the big benefits. Old, single-pane windows do little to prevent the sounds of the street from reaching you in your house.

Having them replaced can give you a lot of peace when you wish to have it. Look for energy-efficient ones to make the most out of a single purchase.

Consider Replacing Old Windows

Windows repairs often take days to settle and can cause you some inconvenience at home. Consider replacing old windows today to get the worst part done as soon as possible. Schedule an appointment and get new windows now!

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