Out with the old, and in with the new starting next month as a new year signals what home design trends will be big in 2016.

When it comes to upgrades, the kitchen and bathroom continue to reign supreme as areas of the home that yield the biggest return on investment and value-added. In 2016, expect more polished metal finishes and less matte , more freestanding tubs and less oversized whirlpools, more touchscreens allowing customized features and less “one size fits all” products and more handcrafted fixtures and less mass-manufactured looks. 

“2016 is going to be a year of paradoxes when it comes to kitchen and bathroom trends. Pair something that looks old with cutting-edge new, place high-tech next to what looks handmade, pair locally crafted items with those that look like they travelled the globe before finding your home,” said Jeremy Smith of Central Arizona Supply. “For Arizona, the biggest trend of 2016 will be the continued departure from the Tuscan look that has dominated our southwest interior design style for over a decade. People are moving in a more open-minded direction and expressing their style, taste, travels and experiences down to every door knob and light fixture.”

Central Arizona Supply, the Valley’s largest supplier of waterware, lighting and hardware with 9 locations statewide, predicts what design trends to expect in 2016: 

Gold and Polished Nickel Finishes – Go ahead, mix silver and gold in the same space! Mixing metals is in for both interior design and fashion in 2016. This translates to the kitchen and bathroom with polished nickel or gold faucets and hardware. Similar to chrome, but polished nickel has a very rich look. As for gold, avoid yellow and embrace a darker, aged-tone that gives the space a vintage and timeless look similar to that heirloom that has been in the family for decades.

Freestanding and Slipper Tubs – Freestanding and Slipper tubs, sometimes known as Clawfoot tubs made popular in the 19th Century, will continue to be a huge trend in 2016. With manufacturers making smaller tubs that can fit into more compact spaces, there is no need to have an enormous bathroom anymore. With more options than ever and at a variety of price points, these gorgeous tubs add personality and charm.

Handcrafted Fixtures – In searching for authenticity and the “Etsy”-ing of the world, people want fixtures that look like you forged your own faucet or found some 100-year-old barn wood and turned it into the vanity in your powder bathroom. Restoration Hardware has spearheaded this trend and 2016 will see this being adopted by more people, at more price points.

Technology – Regardless of our passion for the authenticity of the past, technology that improves our life is still a top priority. 2016 will bring more high-tech features to the kitchen and bath such as touch screens and apps that control steam, lighting and custom playlists for the shower; electric mirrors with TVs that appear at the touch of a button; and self-cleaning toilets with remote controls. Showerheads and body sprays that use less water, but don’t sacrifice that luxurious feeling of being enveloped in water, will grow.

Decorative Plumbing, Hardware and Lighting – One evergreen trend that will remain consistent in 2016 is decorative plumbing, hardware and lighting. Because these design elements in the home are semi-permanent, avoid items that make too much of a statement or appear “trendy” (no one wants to relive the avocado bathroom trend from the 70s!). Work with an expert to help steer you in the right direction for what is on-point for the moment, but classic enough to stay on the design curve for years to come.

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