Bobé Water & Fire Features launches new product line

Above: Bobé Water & Fire Features manufactures all of its products in Phoenix. (Photo courtesy of Bobé Water & Fire Features) Home & Design | 27 Nov, 2016 |

Bobé Water & Fire Features, Phoenix-based manufacturer of custom scuppers, po pots, water/fire pots, and other unique features to enhance indoor and outdoor design, is launching an all-new lineup of products.

Manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona, Bobé’s expanding product line now includes everything from fully-welded stainless steel Pure Flow water scuppers that don’t require rock filters, to cutting-edge remote- control Fenix fire ignition systems built with custom engineered microprocessor utilizing 12-volt technology, which is much more water-friendly than the traditional 24-volt varieties.

Bobé recently rolled out Tiki Torches, a sleek and see-through Flight Series firepit and a revolutionary Perfect Flame gas burner that flawlessly replicates the natural lazy flow of a wood-burning flame.

Founded as an alternative to the cheaply-constructed, ordinary-looking fixtures that typically adorn outdoor areas at homes and businesses, Bobé is led by the brother and sister team of Kris Kesler and Julie Crone.

Housed out of a 12,000-square-foot fabrication plant located right in the heart of Phoenix, all Bobé products are designed, engineered and manufactured in-house.

Starting with high-tech solidworks engineering and computer simulation software, Bobe’s full-service fabrication facility features TIG and MIG welding, high-pressure water jets, metal forming and a full machine shop with automated CNC milling and lathing.

With a network of nearly 350 distributors across North America, Bobé Water & Fire Features produces a dazzling array of products, including the award-winning Grass Edge pool system, a custom engineered kit that allows anyone to insert a water feature right into the lawn that borders the pool, with the grass running right up to the pool’s surface.

But sometimes the best products are the simplest, says Bobé’s head designer, Kris Kesler.

“One of our best-selling products is our pool aerator, which is 100-percent machined brass and popular with both professional pool cleaners and the general public looking to replace those cheap plastic aerators that are always breaking and snapping off with our version that has a 10 year warranty.”

Switching from cheap plastic materials to sturdy stainless steel is also why Bobé’s Pure Flow water scuppers are so popular.

“Not only are we the only manufacturer who uses exclusively marine-grade stainless steel with no plastic parts that can warp or fade in the sun, but the product doesn’t need an in-line filter and still creates a thin, crystal clear sheet of water thanks to the technology and engineering inside the scupper and the top-notch materials and craftsmanship,” Kesler says.

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