LED lights have transformed the way we can use artificial light to illuminate our homes. LEDs or light-emitting diodes are used in many forms of lighting solutions that are not only pocket friendly, but highly effective and efficient in terms of energy consumption. 

LED Strip lights are one of these forms in which LEDs are available. They comprise of tine LED light bulbs attached to long strips of tape, metal, or plastic, and can be affixed easily to almost any surface. Used creatively they can help you achieve stunning results. Buy them from https://www.lepro.com/led-strip-lights and use these “bright” ideas and “brilliant” hacks to upgrade your décor using LED strip lights.

Accentuate the stairs
You can add LED strips along the length of the bottom of the treads of a staircase. The subtle lighting adds a touch of class to the stairs as well as giving a glow that proves to be an excellent sort of nightlight for your midnight snack run. You can also use LED strip lights to make outdoor steps visible and inviting. The luminous glow will also add curb appeal.

Brighten gloomy corners
LED strip lights are easily cut to size to fit perfectly in any niche or even under pieces of furniture. This makes it look like as if the accent lighting has been custom made. You can also place LED strip lights on the underside of cabinets to create ambiance lighting.

Create counter lighting in kitchen
By installing LED strip lights under kitchen cabinets and in the recess areas of your kitchen, you can have them serve as practical task lights while also creating a appealing atmosphere.

Make a fancy vanity mirror
You can attach LED strip lights around a mirror frame to create your very own glamorous Hollywood style mirror for a tiny fraction of the cost.

Add a fun element to your kids’ rooms
Use LED strip lights to outline your kids’ bunk beds to not only make them more fun, but also makes for an interesting night light.

Highlight artwork
Use LED strips and attach them to the back of your artwork to serve as a backlight to make your art pop.

Make your Tech more hi-tech
LED strips affixed behind the screens of your television will not only look fabulous, but will also relieve strain on the eyes by equipoising the brightness of the screen. Technically this sort of lighting is termed ‘bias lighting’. You will also notice that LEDs around computer screens and TVs allow you to have greater colour and black contrast intensity, which improves picture quality.

Brighten up the ceiling
By attaching LED strip lights to your ceilings creates a subtle lighting effect in any room. You can choose any sort of colour depending on the impact you want to achieve. For example soft whites or yellow lights can add warmth while other colours like navy blue or green will add more contemporary charm or a bold feature accent.

Make a modern reading light

You can attach an LED strip light just under or even behind the headboard of your bed to create a soft ambient reading light. Since the light will be subdued it is not as harsh as most bedside table lamps. The LED strip lights will also gently highlight the bed frame and make a feature of the headboard as well.

Add glamour to your wardrobes

Add some spice and glamour to your built in bedroom closets by framing the closet doors with LED strip lights. The LEDs will emit a warm glow that will give the space some allure and create a subtle yet inviting elegance.

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