Chalkboard Wall CalendarInstead of keeping yours and your family’s schedule written in a planner, save a few trees and write it on your wall instead. That’s right, your wall — on a chalkboard wall calendar.

Although Martha Stewart has now given your kids a reason to write on the walls, at least you can wipe it right off. Plus, it’s a unique and much bolder way to keep tasks organized. This is a great addition to your home office.

Actually, you can do a lot with chalkboard paint (something I didn’t even know existed). Down below, you’ll find a couple links to some great ways to utilize this fantastic product.

But first, here are the steps to creating your own chalkboard wall calendar (thanks to

Tools and Materials:

Black chalkboard paint White chalkboard paint
Measuring Tape
Painters’ Tape

Make Custom Color Chalkboard Paint


First, you need to choose how many shades you want to create the checkerboard pattern. On Martha Stewart’s website, four shades of paint were created.

1. Paint entire wall with store-bought, black chalkboard paint; let dry for one to two hours.
2. Mark the perimeter of the calendar with a pencil (to accommodate 8-inch squares, ours measured 48 inches high by 56 inches across).
3. Using painters’ tape, mark off the B squares according to the diagram to the right.  
4. Make B paint by mixing 4 parts black chalkboard paint with 1 part homemade white chalkboard paint. Paint B squares. Remove tape. Let dry about an hour.  
5. Repeat process for C and D squares using the proportions pictured to the right.

Going chalkboard crazy? Here are a few more DIY ideas using chalkboard paint:

Tea Storage Jars

Love tea? Label those loose leaves contained in your various jars by spraying a bit of chalkboard paint on the lids. It’s all about the little things in life … and keeping those organized, too!

 Tea Storage Jars

Chalkboard Tags

Keep everything else organized, too. Whether it be your food pantry, your bathroom products or your living room, the possibilities are endless. Learn how to make these useful chalkboard tags from lil blue boo.

Chalkboard Tags