How many of us have left work on a hot summer afternoon and wish you could turn the AC on before you get home? That way, the home is nice and cool as you relax.

With smart technology, it’s possible to use your smartphone to easily turn the temperature up or down in your home. There also are many other exciting smart home trends this year. Keep reading to find out about them!

Smart Home Overview

What’s a smart home all about? Smart technology has been created by impressive IT and software development to make our homes more comfortable and efficient than ever. Smart technology in the home can learn on the fly with artificial intelligence (AI) and reduce the need for human interaction to complete a task. When smart tech is incorporated into a new or existing home, your workload is reduced and the home can be made more comfortable and cost-efficient.

If you have an Amazon Alexa in the home, you already have an idea of what a smart home can do for you. For example, if you buy smart light bulbs, you can program Alexa to turn lights on and off in different rooms in the home. And there is so much more having a smart home can do for you!

Smart Security

As the pandemic caused so many Americans to buy things online and have them delivered, more of us have packages left on the front steps or porch. But when expensive items are left out for hours, they can be stolen by thieves. But you don’t have to worry about this problem with smart technology.

There are new dual-camera devices that can film visitors to your front door with a field of view up to 160 degrees. Another camera films the person below eye level, so you can see the person when they are coming to the porch as well as on it. The broad field of view also allows you to monitor packages that are left at your front door.

Reliable Internet

How many of us find that our WiFi works well in the family room but is slower than molasses in the kitchen? With smart technology in the home, gone are the days of WiFi dead zones in your abode!

There are smart devices available now that get rid of the single router in the home and create many Internet connections throughout the house. This gives you high-speed, reliable Internet wherever you are on the property.

This is called mesh Wi-Fi and helps you to customize your wireless connection based on the size and layout of the house. Need a faster connection in your bedroom? You can put up a mesh router by your bed so you can watch 4k video before bed. And, any time you want to move those routers around for a better connection somewhere else, it’s very easy to do.

Robot Vacuums And More

Robotic vacuums have soared in popularity in the last decade and get more advanced by the year. But did you know that robots are being developed that can help you with other things around the home?

Robots are being developed that can sense when a person has fallen in the bathroom, while others can even offer assistance to someone who has limited mobility. These medical assistant devices are still expensive, but the costs will come down as the technology advances.

Temperature Control

There are new smart devices coming out that help homeowners cool and heat their homes automatically and more efficiently. One of them is Alphabet, which is part of Google. Alphabet has created smart home thermostats that will keep your home automatically at a temperature you set. These devices can be controlled by Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Having this type of temperature control makes it so easy to keep your home at the temperature you want. You also can call Alexa on your smartphone and have it set your home at a certain temperature before you come in from work.

Smart technology is being incorporated into all types of devices in the home. As technology improves, we can anticipate positive effects on our home lives with new devices that focus on health, security, wellness, convenience, and more.