It can be used to build cool furniture, looks nice as a wood-floor finish and pandas love it: bamboo. I guess it’s only natural (pun intended) that someone would figure out how to manufacture a lovely product line of bamboo kitchen and dining ware. 
Say hello to Bambu, a Portland-based business who proudly manufactures their bounty of bamboo dining goods in China, boldly addressing the scrutiny of overseas production. I admire that Bambu’s creators not only expose what could be the “White Elephant” of manufacturing (in China), but they endear consumers such as myself, with personalizing the product’s material origin and construction – so we don’t feel like our lovely bamboo plates are spit out on a conveyor belt in a far off factory across the ocean. 
Now, about the lovely bamboo plates. I received a sampling of the “All Occasion Veneerware® Bamboo Square Plates.” The current packaging comes in packs of 8 plates for $8.00 or 100 for $66.00. While I may have initially considered the pricing on the high side — for plates that are attractive; sturdy; biodegradable and compostable; chemical and pesticide-free, the price seems more than reasonable. Plus, I genuinely truly enjoy the plates.
In a part of the country where outdoor entertaining reigns supreme (most of the year), I believe most Arizonans will appreciate the hybrid of simplicity meets elegance in dining ware that is functional but can also be tossed with impunity (thank you compostable bamboo!). 
Admittedly I almost felt a tinge of embarrassment serving mac and cheese on my Veneerware Bamboo squares – as if I was undermining their superior design and intelligence – but at least the mac was organic. 
Regardless of what you serve this summer, I strongly suggest that it find a home on a Bambu product. Be sure to check out other fun offerings of Bambu – like the “Spork and Cork” all-in-one eating utensil and “Adjust-A-Bowl Soft Cork Fabric Bowl.”
I’m with the pandas on this one: 5/5 for Bambu’s All Occasion Veneerware® Bamboo Square Plates.