Want to know about one of the hottest items to have this summer? I’ll give you a few hints: it’s squishy, fun and built to last, and no – I’m not referring to a body part that could benefit from a few squats and the Stairmaster (get your mind out of the gutter!). I’m talking about Bendiware high-quality silicone glasses. 

Not only are these creatively designed refreshment receptacles perfect for outdoor entertaining, which we do a lot of here in the Valley, they’re 100 percent BPA free. So, while you’re enjoying your beverage of choice, you need not be concerned with feeling like the cost of your enjoyment is being paid for in poison. And aesthetically, these “Bendis” are about a hundred-thousand more appealing to drink out of than a Solo cup (especially if you’re over the age of 21).

Now, let’s discuss the practicality of Bendiware, for which I am a huge fan. Although I do not partake of spirits, I have many friends that do, and I can tell you with certainty, that wine glass + granite = gravitas. As Bendiware creator, Kha Tran so cleverly deduced “after broken wine glass number 5,834,758,” there had to be a better way to house your party guests’ white wine, rosé, champagne or Perrier. The better way is the Bendi. 

Although Bendiware’s target market appears to be geared for those who imbibe adult beverages, I’d like to propose a secondary demographic. No sooner could I remove a Bendiware glass from its packaging, that a child in my household snatched it from my hands. In our home, Bendis have become prized possessions. I even suspect that some strategic hiding occurs, to prevent certain siblings from coveting each other’s claim on a specific Bendi. As a parent, I find this product endearing for other reasons. Week one of summer break yielded no less than 5 indoor spills, all of which were not a byproduct of Bendiware (which must have been in the dishwasher). Hoorah for the spill-proof design. As for taking them outside, parents can release Bendis into the wild with free abandon – no residual worries regarding broken glass or trips to the ER.

You can pick up a 4-Pack of Bendiware for $24.95 or 2 for $16.95, and they come in fun color combos.

For a glass that doesn’t easily spill, can go in the freezer and dishwasher and is just plain fun, I give Bendiware 5/5