COVID-19 has made a huge impact on a variety of industries, states across the United States, not to mention the entire world as a whole.

One particular industry that has experienced something of a boost is the DIY (Do It Yourself) industry, especially in Arizona.

Examples of DIY Projects

Do it yourself projects that people are performing at home during nationwide and worldwide lockdowns include home improvement projects like painting, minimal construction, landscaping, and self redecorating.

Additional businesses like martial arts dojos, yoga studios, and other group-style services offer their classes and instruction via Zoom in order to keep their members active and paying their monthly fees.

Sources report that, generally, the purchase of DIY supplies that are meant to be installed and used at home are still purchased at brick and mortar locations. Around 77% of people would rather visit a store in order to browse in person, perhaps to ensure they get the exact products and supplies needed to complete their DIY project. Around 22% of individuals prefer to use online resources in order to complete DIY supply purchases.

One Home Improvement Business’s Experience

Chandler landscape design, maintenance, and installation business owner Gregory Bodell of Artistic Landscape Solutions says, “There’s definitely been more business and more interest… A lot of the time we are finding that people have more free time and want to get to the things that they didn’t have time to do before.”

Once individuals (and especially homeowners) shut themselves in for extended periods of time due to quarantine orders and overall business restrictions and city-wide shutdowns, people began to look for projects they could complete under such restrictions. Hence the DIY mentality.

DIY Supply Providers Experience Boost in Sales

Home Depot and Lowe’s experienced a fairly significant boost in sales likely from home owners and other individuals investing in supplies for projects that can be completed at home. Home Depot’s sales rose 24.6% in the first quarter of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lowe’s experienced a 30% increase in sales across their physical locations and online resources. B&Q is another top retailer when it comes to DIY supplies, followed by Homebase — both experiencing increases during the pandemic. Amazon and eBay remain viable options still for many people who would like to purchase tools and home decorating items in a contact-free fashion.

Automotive DIY

The automotive industry has experienced a shift as well despite the fact that vehicle repair shops and services are deemed essential by definition. Even though many individuals find themselves driving less due to working from home, people are still trying to save money on things like oil changes, power steering repair cost, vehicle fluid replenishing, spark plug replacement, and more.

Mobile mechanics are also becoming a more and more popular and widely-used option when individuals do not have the knowledge or prowess to perform their own vehicle repairs yet would like to avoid possible exposure from traditional vehicle repair shops.

One thing that COVID-19 has revealed is that human beings are resilient and will still look to be productive, even though they are given restricted or zero access to regular activities and traditional resources.