Every home seller is looking to sell their house as fast as possible with the maximum amount of property. However, it takes more than luck to make it happen.

Before putting up your house for resale, there are crucial things that need to be done. For starters, your house should be appealing enough for potential buyers to even make inquiries.

In this article, we are going to look at the top five things you should do before putting up your house for sale.

Create a great first impression

I always say ‘there is never a second chance to a first impression.’ As such, home sellers should make sure their houses are in top-notch condition. It takes a few seconds for a potential buyer to have a positive or negative impression. Make sure the house looks great on the outside before you get to the inside. The lawns should be properly mowed, the garden exceptionally tended and the pavements spotless.

Deep clean

One of the best ways to enhance your house is to do a thorough cleaning. 

Over time dust and grime may buildup in a house. However, to convince a potential buyer to pull out his checkbook, the inside of the house should be free from dirt. Consider scrubbing the toilet, wiping dusty surfaces, moping dirty floors and rug cleaning

If thorough cleaning is too much work for you, call a professional cleaning company.


Over the years, you may have stocked up on a large collection of items. Some of them may have broken down but you still keep them because you intend to fix them or are emotionally attached.

However, if you have not used something in over a year, high chances are, you do not need them. So, donating such items to charity or disposing of those that cannot be reused is the best course of action.

Fix damage

No matter how careful we are, damages are inevitable in any home. Look for any damages that could have occurred and fix them – no matter how small they are.

Broken locks, leakages, and cracked walls are some of the damages a certified handyman can easily fix. Cracked tiles, squeaky doors as well as jammed kitchen drawers should also be looked at.

Additionally, you could consider giving the house a fresh coat of paint. Go for neutral colors especially if you had earlier made use of bold colors like orange and yellow. Repainting gives the house a fresh new dapper look.

Depersonalize and disassociate 

One of the hardest things you might have to face when selling your house is letting go of it. Homes are made of memories, especially if you have lived there for a while. However, you should realize that you and your family are what turned the house into a beautiful home and without you, it is only a shell.

In a bid to disassociate, depersonalize the house. Pack up photographs and other personal stuff. Having personalized stuff distracts potential buyers from visualizing how the house will look with their stuff in it. Only leave understated items that are neutral and have no emotional attachments.