Are your walls uninspiring, blah, and in need of a licensed character to bring cheer and goodwill to your home … or at least to offer something entertaining for people to look at? I give to you Entertain Art. Actually, Entertain Art gave me princess Leia (or rather her likeness), and if I had The Force I’d give her to you, too.

In a serendipitous chain of events, the “Star Wars: 40th Anniversary – Princess Leia,” canvas print actually arrived at my door before that ill-fated day that announced the passing of Star Wars empress, Carrie Fisher. The day that made any Leia Organa fan weep. 

Being the slightly-obsessed, Star Wars aficionado that I am, I was instantly mesmerized by the one-of-a-kind screen foil, embellished canvas, depicting the memorable Princess Leia stance from a New Hope – not the R2D2 “You’re my only hope,” squatting pose, I’m talking about the “I’m going to annihilate any stormtrooper who crosses my path with my long-barreled Defender Sporting Blaster” stance (I told you I was slightly obsessed). 

If I haven’t lost you with my Star Wars fixation, may I also entreat the admirers of Disney, Marvel, DC, Nickelodeon, Pixar and more to check out the offerings of Entertain Art? You needn’t be lost in the land of Mos Eisley to appreciate the full variety of licensed artwork up for grabs. 

This wall art is good quality, reasonably priced (anywhere from the mid $20’s up) and comes in a range of sizes 12″ x 12″ x 1.25″ to 23″ x 35″ x 1.25″ and pretty much everything in between. 

Whether you’d like to pay homage to Leia in the living room, Gomora in the garage or Batman in the bedroom (no judgment), Entertain Art has a little something for everyone.