Home is where your family is, and no home is complete without furniture. This year, Copenhagen Furniture, which places equal importance on family and furniture, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The company, which sells Danish modern and contemporary furniture, has Arizona showrooms in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe and Tucson and has plans to open a location in Gilbert soon.

Founders and brothers Erik and Jorgen Hansen grew up in Denmark on the island of  Fyn, in an apartment above their family’s business, a furniture store. In the 1960s, Erik emigrated to the United States and worked in furniture stores in California and Florida with his business partner, Tony Christensen. As Jorgen completed a business degree in Denmark, the three decided to open the first Copenhagen showroom in 1970 in Phoenix. In the following years, the company took off and opened more locations in Tucson and the Valley and Erik’s son, Jens Hansen, opened Texas showrooms in San Antonio and Austin.

“At the start, we, as the owners, did everything ourselves,” Jorgen says. “We ordered, sold, assembled, delivered and serviced every piece that went into customers’ homes.”

Now, the company continues to grow and employs more than 175 people.

Copenhagen shops worldwide, from markets across the U.S. and Europe, for artistic and functional Scandinavian-style furniture and accessories for all rooms of the home. When Copenhagen first opened, contemporary furniture was not common in the Southwest.

“We had to convince many that Danish modern style and culture would thrive in the desert,” Jorgen says.

But the success of Copenhagen over the last 50 years is a testament to how well received modern and mid-century furniture has been.

Family is integral to the Copenhagen brand and some employees have been with the company for 20, 30 or 40 years. Jorgen believes the team is the key to overcoming the challenges the company has faced.

“Our main strength as a company is the Copenhagen ‘family’ and every individual who contributes to it,” he says. The 50th anniversary recognizes the spirit and dedication of everyone who works for Copenhagen.

The 50th anniversary is also a celebration of all the people who are — and have been — part of the family. Although Erik Hansen passed away in February of 2020, his brother Jorgen and son Jens continue to manage the stores and his wife Lise is dedicated to carrying on her husband’s legacy.

“Copenhagen is an essential part of our family’s life and culture,” Jorgen says. “We’ve dedicated everything to making the company what it is today, and our 50th anniversary brings this even more clearly into perspective.”

Another important member of the Copenhagen family is its suppliers. This year, Copenhagen partnered with them to present a unique 50th anniversary collection of more than 150 pieces.

“Instead of asking for flowers or favors,” Jorgen says, “we worked to create pieces with exceptional design and value to offer discounts to our customers. It’s our way of thanking them for their business and trust.”

Moving forward, Jorgen hopes to continue to build on what Copenhagen has done successfully for the last 50 years. “Seeing how the company has grown and the innovative, passionate people we’ve added to the team is a testament to how much we’ve evolved in our 50 years.”