Fulton Homes’ Design Center offers buyers something that no other home builder in the country can. Just like when walking into an Apple Store, Fulton buyers are in complete control of their experience, right on their smartphone. When buyers are browsing options in person and they’re logged into their Fulton Homes account, they can price them in live time, see the additional cost to the sales price of the home and even the monthly payment. And just like the Apple Store, the price quoted while using this smart feature is exactly the price a buyer will pay. Fulton Homes is striving for complete transparency in a way that no other builder can match.

Fulton Homes’ customer-first style of home building was borne of their top executives’ vast experience in retail. They’ve applied these retail approaches to homebuilding, where the product usually is the focus. Vice President of Operations, Dennis Webb explains how Fulton Homes has transferred this focus onto the customer, creating a more Apple-esque system. Webb explains, “It’s really up to the individual, or family who is making the decisions at our design center. Part of tailoring our product to the buyer is giving them the chance to price out all their options in advance.” Webb continues, “we know that purchasing a home without knowing what the interior options are is not a good buying experience. We’re going for the exact opposite experience and from every indication, we’ve done it.”

Located in South Tempe, the Fulton Homes Design Center is the most accessible of its kind with their “Browse Night,” which they host on the first and third Thursday of each month from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. Customers do not need to be under contract in order to attend. For those who are in the market and wish to try out these features, they are encouraged to sign up for an account at FultonHomes.com and contact a sales associate before coming to the Design Center to price the options for their preferred floor plans.