Congratulations, you have finally bought your own house and after going through the lengthy process of offer making, mortgage application and house inspection you can now decorate it as you wish. You are finally preparing to move into the house and your excitement is at its peak. But your work is not finished yet. If you want to become a successful homeowner, you will need to take some crucial steps right away. In this article, I have mentioned some things that you need to do immediately after buying a house.

Let Your Friends And Family Know the Address

Well, the first thing you need to do is make sure that none of your friends are trying to reach you out on your old address. You can make that sure by simply sending a Whatsapp text to all your friends or by updating your Facebook status. You must also let your bank and other credit card lenders know about your new address as well so you can receive your post easily. You can also go to the post office and register your new address so your mail can be redirected to you without any hassle.

Secure Your Home

The next thing you need to do is make your home secure by changing all the locks and installing a home security system. You should also change the security codes of your garage as well. While these days’ houses do come with the pre-installed security system, you will still need to activate it with the help of a security company. This will also make sure that the previous house owner would not be able to access the place anymore. Remember, changing the locks and installing a security system should be your priority when you have acquired the house legally.

Get a House Warranty

A house is something you do not buy every day, that is why once you have purchased one, you need to take good care of it. You have to spend a huge amount of money on acquiring the house so it only makes sense to take steps that will ensure that you would not have to spend any extra money. There is a high probability that you will get a warranty for your house that your seller purchased before, but you need to analyze what that warranty covers and what items you have isn’t covered by it. Most of the warranties cover all the major appliances i.e. Air conditioner, washing machines, heating system, stove system, etc. The warranty can range from $400 to $600 depending on the coverage you opt for and the time limit. It is also wise to get a warranty as it can help you save a lot of money in the long term.

Hire a Cleaning Services

Hygiene is a very important factor, and you need to clean your house before you have moved in completely. There is no doubt there will be a lot of dirt and germs left in your house by the previous owner. That is why you need to clean your house thoroughly. I will recommend you hire a cleaning company so you can get the house completely clean. It will cause you between $150 and $250 and it will be worth it.

Connect Utilities

Another thing you need to do right before moving is to connect your utilities. Electricity, water, and gas are essential and you would not be able to live in the house if even one of them is not available. This can be a problem, especially with the newly built houses. So all you need to get in touch with the local authorities of the area and they will make sure that all your connections are set up. You might want to get a cable and internet connection as well. After all, it is impossible to survive without them at this age.

Refresh the Paint

This one is especially for those people who have bought a used home. When you get a new home, you want to give it a new look, and there is no better and cheaper way of doing that than painting it. So you should go and buy some paints right away. And the best part about this is that you get to choose the colors of the house yourself. But make sure you paint the place before you move any big furniture and appliances there. If you are not sure about painting the house yourself, you can also hire a professional painter as well and can relax back while he paints the house.

Get In Touch With Neighbors

Now this one is not a maintenance thing but a social tip. When you have moved into a house, it is always good to interact with the neighbors. This will not allow you to make new friends, but it will also help you get insights into the neighborhood. Your neighbor can also recommend your good services available in towns like dry cleaners, shopping malls, utility stores, etc.