You splurged and installed new carpeting. Now you’re hyperaware of the impact people can have every time they walk into your home. Friends and family feel they must tread carefully with each step.

Of course, you want your beautiful new carpet to stay looking lush and smelling fresh. But don’t make friends and family feel like they must tread carefully on your new carpets.

Instead, read our guide and discover how to keep carpet clean and fresh.

Start with Doormats

We can’t say enough about doormats. They’re the first line of defense for protecting new carpeting.

Place a doormat at each entrance to your home. This encourages guests to wipe their shoes when they come inside. Use one outside for people to clean dirt and debris from their shoes. Place one inside where guests can take their shoes off and leave them while visiting.

You can find mats that invite guests to wipe their feet using a bit of humor. You can also buy doormats with your monogram. It’s up to you and your personality and style.

The No Shoes Rule

Speaking of removing shoes, people who have the cleanest carpets, use the no-shoes rule.

Thoughtful guests will ask if you prefer no shoes on your carpets. They won’t think twice about asking and will be happy to comply with the rules.

It’s not uncommon for people to pick up oils, dirt, and debris on their shoes. Asking guests to leave their shoes on the doormat prevents stains and damage.

Call the Professionals

Removing shoes does help keep your carpets clean. However, even the most careful visitors can track dirt across the floor. People also inadvertently spill things.

One of the bests ways you can counteract the effects of people on your carpeting is with regular deep cleaning. Check out for answers to frequently asked questions about professional carpet cleaning.

Most professionals suggest a deep cleaning at least once each year. Combine this with your tender loving care and you’ll enjoy the look of new carpets well into the future.

The Miracle of Club Soda

If you haven’t heard, club soda cleans carpet stains. It’s a simple and cost-effective solution for cleaning certain types of stains. Club soda may be the miracle you need for the following stains:

  • Red Wine
  • Greasy, Oily Spots
  • Pet Stains

Before applying club soda, blot as much of the stain as possible. Also, it’s a good idea to test club soda in an inconspicuous area. Make sure it doesn’t cause damage before using it in a large area.

How to Keep Carpet Clean with a Good Vacuum

Vacuuming regularly is one way you can keep your carpets looking brand new. You don’t want just any old vacuum. Buy the best vacuum cleaner you can afford and make sure it can meet your unique cleaning needs.

Wondering how often you should vacuum?

Foot traffic determines how often you vacuum. Consider vacuuming high traffic areas daily and vacuum the entire house twice a week.

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Congratulations on your new carpet! As you can see, a little attention goes a long way. So does setting a few rules about shoes.

If you prevent dirt from coming through the front door, take care of stains immediately, and indulge in a good vacuum, your carpets should look brand new for many years. If you’re still not sure how to keep carpets clean, check with the store where you purchased your new carpeting.

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