Bathrooms have overtaken kitchens as the nation’s top remodeling priority and more homeowners are going high-tech and ultra-luxe when selecting their bathroom features and amenities.

Technology, comfort and value reign supreme when deciding which gadgets to incorporate into a bathroom for the 21st Century: steam showers with touchpad controls, surround sound, lighting and an app to customize for each person in the house; mirrors that turn into TVs at the touch of a button; remote controlled bathtubs and toilets; and therapeutic elements like aromatherapy, chromatherapy and oxygen infused soaking tubs.

While it’s common to find a lot of these wow-factor features in multi-million dollar homes, bathroom technology has recently become more accessible to all price ranges, and Central Arizona Supply carries brands that cater to the budget conscious remodeler as well.

“We’re selling more high-tech and innovative products than ever before because it helps make bathrooms more personalized to someone’s individual needs,” said Jeremy Smith of Central Arizona Supply. “No matter the budget, we can help customize a bathroom to create a space that’s truly unique. Today, a conscientious and functional experience is the new definition of luxury.”

Central Arizona Supply, the Valley’s largest supplier of waterware, lighting and hardware with nine locations statewide, shares the latest high-tech and ultra-luxe bathroom gadgets on the market:

Smart Showers – Your average shower is a thing of the past. Many brands offer a variety of shower heads, steam and add-on features, but Mr. Steam offers one that leads the market. The iDream Steam Shower includes iSteam swipe-touch control, wireless remove iGenie, integrated ChromaTherapy, which is light therapy to heighten your mood, AromaTherapy and an AudioSteam sound system to customize your shower playlists. There’s even an iSteam app to set your shower preferences, music library and have custom user presets.

Electric Mirror – Transform your bathroom mirror into a high-tech gadget with Electric Mirror. A new definition of luxury, these mirrors transform into high-definition TVs at the touch of a button. The mirror technology creates brilliant images when the TV is on and hides it completely when it’s off.

MicroSilk Bathtub by Jason International – Unlike any bathtub in the world, the MicroSilk soaking tub infuses tiny oxygen bubbles into the water, which in turn the milky water clears out impurities in your skin and acts like an oxygen facial for your entire body. The ultimate in hydrotherapy, this bathtub experience is described as lying back in a bath of bubbly champagne. It provides benefits such as energizing cells, reducing the formation of scar tissue, improving collagen production, killing bacteria, deep relaxation, promoting skin healing and “plumping” the skin, leaving it soft and supple.

TOTO Neorest 750H – At nearly $10,000, the brand-new Neorest with Actilight is a complete cleaning system that combines both flushing and cleaning technologies to prevent, purify and control both visible and invisible waste. The Neorest 750H offers Actilight technology that kills 99.9% of bacteria in the bowl, which eliminates the need to manually clean the toilet. Other features includes a motion detected auto-flush, personal cleanser and dryer, automatic open/close, night light, seat heater and deodorizer.

TOTO Washlet – You can get all the benefits of an expensive high-tech toilet cleverly disguised as a toilet seat that fits virtually any standard toilet. The TOTO Washlet offers amazing technology like motion-detected auto-flush, remote controlled flush, automatic open/close, gentle and aerated warm water cleansing, massage features, warm-air drying with three-temperature setting, air purified and temperature control, to name a few.

GROHE F-Digital Controls – With intuitive digital controls that can be mounted wherever you please, GROHE F-digital unites simple operation with wireless technology to operate your shower, faucets or bath at the touch of a button. Precise control, the perfect temperature and the luxury of saving your preferred settings, GROHE F-digital offers maximum design and planning freedom with wireless technology. Turn on and off the faucet or shower at the touch of a button, use the plus and minus buttons to increase or decrease temperature, adjust the water flow by turning the ring and turn on and off all your water functions with one touch.

Hand-Painted, Precious Metal and Gemstone Sinks and Faucets – The ultimate in luxury bathroom fixtures, Sherle Wagner International creates its custom sinks and faucets from precious metals like gold, silver and platinum and accents its faucets with exotic gemstones such as Tiger’s Eye, cut or rock Crystal and blue lapis. These exotic stones and finishes create a bathroom that is unique to you and have an intrinsic value that will hold up for years to come. Also just as unique, Linkasink, an Arizona company, has created an extraordinary artisan sink collection inspired by the Smithsonian Institution’s collected works. The seven-piece line of handcrafted sinks features adaptations from historical patterns, textures and colors from the Smithsonian’s vast collection of rare vases, vessels and prized works of art.

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