How to avoid Halloween plumbing scares

Lifestyle | 20 Oct, 2019 |

Halloween can bring out the plumbers- the real ones, not trick-or-treaters wearing costumes. The holiday’s focus on pumpkins, candy and makeup can create havoc in your home. Local family-owned Donley Service is sharing advice to keep your Halloween free of plumbing scares and frights.

1. Pumpkin seeds can clog drains.

The dense, tough pulp and seeds can be a nightmare for your disposal and drains. It sticks to disposal blades and blocks pipes. When cleaning out and carving your pumpkin, spread out newspaper or paper bags to catch the insides. When you’re done, you can roll up the paper and toss it in the trash. Or rinse off the seeds, toss them in a bowl with butter and salt and bake for a healthy snack.

2. Your toilet is not a trash can.

Never put pumpkin seeds or pulp, uneaten candy or wrappers down the toilet. Some kids may try to sneak candy and use the toilet as a place to hide the evidence. Before temptation hits, make sure your children understand wrappers and discarded candy go in the trash, not the toilet.

3. Avoid washing off makeup in the sink or shower.

You may think scrubbing your face with soap and water is the best way to erase face paints and makeup, but oil-based products can adhere to pipes and clog drains. Instead, use a disposable wipe and, even if the instructions say the wipes are flushable, toss them in the trash.

4. Spooky sounds can be warning signs.

If you hear scary sounds in the night, your pipes could be to blame. High water pressure and loose pipes are just two reasons for loud pipes and plumbing scares. An expert can pinpoint the source and offer solutions.

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