There are few windows that can’t use a set of gorgeous blinds. Window treatments are an investment in both the style and value of your home. Choosing the best blinds for your home is easy when you decide the main reason for your window covering.  Check out the following guide to choosing the best blinds for you.


One of the most common reasons to cover a window is privacy. If your windows open to a street or neighbor’s house, blinds are a great solution to feeling secure in your home.

Wood blinds and shutters are great options for increasing privacy. Avoid light filtering cellular shades since some styles are easy to see through at night.

If privacy is your main goal, it will be challenging to find blinds that won’t fit your needs. Consider the following other factors to help narrow down your search.


Blinds range in style from vertical plastic to textured fabric. Vertical blinds are popular options for sliding doors as they come in long panels perfect to suit most doorways.

For windows, horizontal blinds are most appropriate. The best blinds for your home come in a color that allows light while allowing your paint colors to stand out.

For example, in a room with taupe paint color, choosing a contrasting shade of brown on your blinds complements the design style. All-white rooms look great with white fabric blinds where the sunlight penetrates the blinds to keep the room looking bright all day.


There are blinds available at local big box stores and custom window treatment dealers to suit any budget. Expect little quality, however, when choosing blinds exclusively on price.

The least expensive blinds are usually plastic with low-grade hardware. These blinds are the most likely to break when touched and includes hardware that isn’t guaranteed to fit together into clean lines.

This doesn’t mean buying the most expensive blinds is the solution. Once you narrow down the look of your rooms, contact a custom blinds dealer to begin price research.

The shuttercraft website allows you to book a home survey right away so you can get an expert opinion for your windows.  The benefit of finding a dealer with a wide range of product is the products also vary in price and availability.

If your first choice isn’t available, it’s likely the vendor has a second or third option ready for you that fits your budget. They may also be able to offer discounts or specials that are not available when shopping on your own in retail stores.

Light Control

Too much sunlight is damaging to upholstery over time. As a solution, many homeowners turn to heavy drapes to control the amount of sunlight that enters a room.

The challenge with drapes is that the fabric is expensive and doesn’t suit the modern look many homeowners crave.

Blinds are a one-stop-shop for filtering light and adding style to your windows. Opaque materials, like wood and faux-wood, block all sunlight when closed allowing your furniture to remain protected.

If more light is the goal, fabric and cellular blinds are ideal as they allow the light to penetrate almost as if the windows were uncovered.

Finding the Best Blinds

The search for the best blinds will be easy once you get an expert opinion. Your consultation with a blinds expert will be helpful in narrowing down the hundreds of options available online.

The best blinds are easy to imagine in a room that is already furnished. When choosing blinds for a new home without furniture or paint, browse idea galleries on interior design blogs to gain inspiration.

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