Building a home is an exciting opportunity. You get to build the home you want and the size that you need. Plus, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to the home’s interior and exterior features.

When moving into a planned community, homebuyers often have multiple floor plans to choose from. This decision provides fewer options than buying a plot of land and designing your dream house. Still, it gets you one step closer to having a home more reflective of your style and personality.

Choosing from the best home floor plans can be a tough process if you’re not sure what you want. It can also have you up at night when each one almost has everything you need, but each missing a key element. Having a contractor who is flexible could make a difference.

There are many factors that go into the decision-making process. Take your time and choose wisely.

Are you considering building a new home but can’t decide on the best layout? Keep reading for tips on how to choose a floor plan that you’ll love.

What Makes the Best Home Floor Plans?

There is a difference between designing your own floor plans and choosing from preselected designs. When you’re truly building a dream home you come up with everything from square footage to the number of levels the home will have.

Buying into a planned community has certain restrictions. The size of the lots, maximum square footage, and a set number of bedrooms.

Depending on the area you choose to move into, there may be multiple developments, each having its own design style. This will give you more options and amenities to choose from when looking to find home options.

If you are buying a home in a planned community, the best floor plans are the ones that come closest to your ideal home layout.

List What is Important to You and Your Family

To start the home building process, make a list of what your family needs in the home’s design. List what is a requirement. These are things you refuse to live without.

Next, make a list of optional items. This list will consist of things you want to have, but you’ll still be happy if you can’t have it.

The next column is things you do not want or need in a home but may be included in the floor plans offered to you. This list can give you bargaining room when it comes to finalizing the plans. A home builder could have room to make changes or offer discounts.

An example would be doing away with a hall closet in order to expand a bedroom closet. Or you could turn a storage space in the garage into a well-designed mudroom.

Do You Have Special Requirements

When considering floor plans for your home take into consideration special requirements. Do you have a family member with limited mobility and cannot climb stairs. This will come into play if the floor plans call for bedrooms on a second level.

Will you need a home office? Many people are working from home and require a separate space for business purposes. It is easy to convert a bedroom into an office space. Going from a three-bedroom to a four-bedroom is something to consider if adding on to the floor plan isn’t an option.

Other special requirements include wheelchair accessibility into all rooms or a split plan for privacy.

Will You Be Entertaining Often?

People that love to entertain will look for house floor plans with open space, large kitchens, and easy access to backyard spaces. These key elements are essential.

Closed in living room areas can feel claustrophobic. Plus, they cut off access to the kitchen and dining area. Kitchens are a focal point of homes and an open floor plan allows the hostess to interact with their guest while putting on the finishing touches.

Access to outdoor spaces often includes glass doors that lead out to a lanai. This will extend your space for entertaining, especially in the spring and summer months. A home with a pool calls for a floor plan with a kitchen and family room that faces the backyard.

Are You Expecting Frequent Visitors?

We live in an era where family members choose to stay in a hotel rather than imposition family and friends. Still, there are plenty of people who insist on opening their homes to guests.

If this is you, having floor plans to accommodate guests is important. This could include adding a spare bedroom or a loft.

In the age of Airbnb, and the mother-in-law suite making a comeback expect to see more floor plans with detached garages. These allow for small 1 bedroom plus den apartments or studio apartments to be built atop of a garage. Not only do they provide a private space for guests, but you can also earn extra income to go towards the mortgage.

Ask if the Contractor Accommodate Special Requests

When moving into a planned community there may not be much room for special requests. However, if you buy a lot and build and choose from pre-existing floor plans, you may have room for some customization.

Don’t be afraid to make special requests, The contractor may be willing to work with you. Just keep in mind that any changes may require an architect to redraw the floor plans. The new plans will have to be approved by the city’s building and permit department.

Expect to dole out more cash for each change.

Get Ready to Build

The best home floor plans are based on what’s best for your lifestyle. What may not work for some people could be ideal for you and your family. Buying a new home is an opportunity not afforded to some people. Being able to go through the process from design to finish is a special treat.

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