The addition of the countertop makes the home look so elegant and classy that most people like to add a countertop to their home. This will not need any such maintenance so you will get the best look for your home without doing a lot. Countertops are mainly for the kitchen area and if you like a neat and clean kitchen then this addition will be best for you. There are so many different materials that you can use for creating the countertop of your kitchen and quartz are one of them. This material is said to be the best among other countertop materials. You will get to see Quartz countertops in many kitchens which are great.

The making of the quartz is very different and prominent which makes it the best and you should also try this material for your home. You can just invest in the quartz countertop and then relax as you don’t have to do anything to maintain the countertop. The only thing that you have to do here is to maintain the cleanliness of the countertop. This might sound tough but if you will follow certain steps then things will turn out to be very easy for you. Here Architecturesideas will know about the step by step guide of how to clean quartz countertop for easy maintenance of the countertop:

Start by just cleaning the grease on top of the countertop:

If you are wondering How to clean Quartz countertops then you should always start with temporary cleaning. You should clean the countertop daily so that it could not develop any hard stains on top of it. You should always make sure to clean the grease of the countertop as it is the most important thing. Countertop would develop grease on a daily basis as it absorbs the stickiness of the oil while you cook. Removing the grease can be a task if you will leave it for days so it is better to work on it daily for better cleanliness. Once the grease is out of the countertop then you can work on other cleaning factors of the countertop.

The mixture of water and determent will prove to be very helpful in this case. You can mix water and some determent in a spray bottle to spray it all over the countertop. Leave it for a few minutes then scrub the countertop with water. This will help a lot and it will take off all the grease from the countertop at the same time which is great.

Think about permanent markings:

These kinds of marks are not usual but if you have kids in your home then you know the struggle of getting them off the quartz countertop. Sometimes kids display their talent by drawing on the countertop with a permanent marker. The marks created by the permanent markers are damn permanent and you have to struggle to take them off. Even though this is a hard task but still permanent markings don’t look good so you have to work on the cleaning of such marks. There are ways that you can follow and you have to be very patient while working on it so that you can take off all the marks.

Taking off the permanent marker is very tough but still, there are some ways that you can follow in this case. If you are wondering How to clean Quartz countertop then you can keep some stain cleaners handy in your home. These cleaners are easily available in the market and are very affordable at the same time. Such cleaners will easily remove the mark of the permanent marker so you will again get the fresh countertop.

Indulge into deep cleaning of the countertop once a month:

Deep cleaning of the quartz countertop is very important and you don’t really have to do it daily. You can indulge yourself in the deep cleaning of the countertop once in a while but this would be rough. Here you have to be very specific about cleaning the countertop so that all the dirt could get off the countertop. You can also seek help in this case as this task will be very tough for a single person.

If you always hesitate to have a countertop in your kitchen because you don’t know How to clean Quartz countertop then here is an easy way. You have to clean the surface with warm water and let it soak for a while before you start pouring some soap water. You have to let the soap water work on the countertop for a while and then you can gently start brushing that area. Clean the area with some water and then again put some quartz cleaning solution and then wash the area once again. This will be time-consuming but this will work like wonders for your countertop which is great.

Don’t put acidic things on the quartz countertop as that can destroy this material and you will be left with damage on the countertop.

This is How to Clean Quartz countertop and if you will follow these steps then the countertop of your kitchen will remain beautiful for the longest time.