How to create an authentic Arizona kitchen

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Known for its warm weather and beautiful sunsets, Arizona is a unique state with landscapes that can inspire many trends in home design — especially the kitchen. Many residents  have a traditional kitchen that is perfect for all households. Anyone can create these beautiful kitchens, so when inspiration strikes, here’s how you can get started.

Amber Carfield

Warm Colors

Start by creating a color palette for the kitchen that is based on warm earthy tones. Kitchen designer Amber Carfield of Kitchens by Good Guys suggests, “Warm colors all the way around with whatever medium that we’re working with.” The warm colors should find their way into paint, tile, stucco, wood, metal, etc.


As the lighting in the room starts to be considered, the warm theme continues on. Lighting could be used in a design for highlighting backsplash or decorative lighting above an island. Or on top of light fixtures, “We would definitely want to make sure to include plenty of natural light if we can,” Carfield explains. There are a lot of options when it comes to light fixtures, but the most important thing to remember is to stay focused on those warm colors.

Soft Shapes

The warm theme translates to shapes as well. Keep edges soft as opposed to sharp and jagged. Carfield recommends the traditional use of rounded corners and arches. These shapes will blend nicely and keep the smooth and warm feeling throughout the entire kitchen.


Adding accents with textured tile and textured stucco is  very common because it adds to the importance of soft shapes. It holds the room together by bringing in more warmth rather than harsh lines. “Around the hood area, we might find some really fun textured stucco or even a textured looking tile,” Carfield says. The warmth added by the texture enhances various elements that make up a dynamic Arizona kitchen.

Natural Stone

Flooring is just as important to a room design as anything else. When creating an authentic Arizona kitchen, consider using natural stone for the flooring. One of the most commonly used natural stone is a saltillo tile; however, Carfield adds that sometimes travertine and marble are also used in these designs.

Historical and Modern

After all of the different aspects and designs are chosen for an Arizona kitchen, it is time to think about history versus modernization. In many cases, designs are typically one or the other; however as Carfield explains, there is a nice blend between modern and historical in an Arizona kitchen. “I kind of like that idea that these things are kind of blending, you know, the old with the new,” she says.

Now that the stepping stones have been laid out, it’s time to cross the pond and create your very own authentic Arizona kitchen.

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