All students that have just moved from their comfortable and immaculately decorated rooms to dormitories, usually try to figure out how to make their new spaces more livable and, ideally, more pleasing to their eye. From our today’s article, you’ll learn how to create a more tenant-friendly atmosphere in your new room and decorate it without spending a bundle on essential materials.

Useful Tip

Have you ever wondered what it is the difference between a hotel room and a room in your own apartment?  It’s the spirit… the atmosphere of coziness and comfort that envelops you and inspires tranquility. Such atmosphere reigns at your place. Of course, it’s quite difficult to re-create it in a dorm room, where every piece of furniture is suggestive of temporality and strangeness. Still, it can be much easier to add a note of coziness and familiarity to your new room, if you take the items that remind you of home and consequently can help you feel like home at the new place. Bring you favorite toy, a notebook, or a pillow that will lend a spirit of familiarity and make you feel safe in a dorm room. It’s also not necessary to buy brand new gadgets for studying. You can take your old digital helpers with you, the ones you used when studying in high school. Most students jokingly note that such old gadgets radiate positive academic energy, which helps attract good luck and score the best grades in college. Also, don’t forget about essay writing services, such as PapersOwl, you used to pay for your research papers at high school.  Keep in mind that you can always rely on the academic writing company to get the best college paper within the shortest possible time, which will undoubtedly spare you more time for decorating your dorm room.

Now it’s high time you learned the secrets to cheap decoration of your campus dwelling.

Make a Standard Bed Look More Pleasing to the Eye

Every student knows that a bed is quite a symbolic and extremely important piece of furniture in any dorm room. It is the place that allows you not only to have a good night’s sleep and restore your energy during the workdays, but also serves as a study and even party place. Needless to say, it needs to be comfortable and creatively designed. So, take care to find a non-trivial mattress, whose shape or color may be somewhat extravagant. Still, don’t forget that it should not only suit your taste and emphasize your individuality, but also be comfortable enough. If you’re a fan of canopies, consider adding one to your bed. You won’t be needing any nails for that! You can opt for removable command hooks to hang a canopy without drilling or hammering nails.

Any boring dorm bed will look much more luxurious if you attach an original DIY headboard to it. So, we suggest that you come up with an original headboard idea. You can make it from stuff lying around idly. Also, don’t forget about multiple pillows! Pillows always lend additional coziness to any apartment and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Transform a Wastebasket into a Side Table

If you have already moved into your dorm room, you’ve see those gloomy-looking metal wastebaskets that are intended to become home to your litter. Still, students are the most industrious and creative category of people that know to make the most out of the boring things surrounding them. All you need to do to make your trash bin look more attractive and turn it into a more functional piece of furniture is a can or two of aerosol paint of the color of your choice. Spray paint your unsightly wastebasket in the chosen color and turn it upside down. Now it’s ready for being used as a bedside table. It also can be perfect decision if you’re not allowed to bring any extra furniture with you.

Potted Plant and Posters

A totally sterile and lifeless dorm room is the last thing you need. So, consider bringing in potted plants. Choose your favorite plants, maybe those you had at home or those that you’ve always been dreaming about. More life and color will definitely not hurt.

There’s nothing more student-like that posters. These things seem to never go out of style when it comes to decorating a dorm room. If you want your collection of posters look more original, consider using washi tape. Simply tape around each poster you put on your wall.

Experiment with Light

Poorly lit room isn’t conducive to a good mood and academic achievement. So, you need to make some essential tweaks to lighting as soon as you move into your new room. Forget about those tasteless fluorescent bulbs and opt for string lights instead. Two or three sets will suffice to line the whole perimeter of your room. You may also want to illuminate your pictures by placing them alongside you string lights. Some also use twinkle lights for this purpose.

For many college students, their dorm rooms serve as bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms. If you want to create a home-like atmosphere in your temporary dwelling without going broke, feel free to avail yourself of the afore listed tips.