How to spark joy in your home without breaking the bank

Above: Mary Hampton is the owner of Scottsdale-based Hampton Design & Closets. Lifestyle | 27 Nov, 2020 |

There are plenty of ways to spark joy in your home once the Christmas tree gets tucked away for another year. It’s a good idea to start by surveying each room and making note of the areas that might feel a little bland or stagnant. You should feel joy when you walk into any room in your house, even the ones that are dedicated to chores, like the laundry room. The following ideas can make a huge overall difference when it comes to a room’s aesthetic and all require very little effort.

1. Surround yourself with love! Having an item in every single room that makes you feel good when it catches your eye is key. Think of displaying a picture frame that encompasses a great memory or a favorite trip, add a throw blanket that someone special made for you to a cozy chair or put a fancy handbag that you worked so hard for on display in your closet. Having tangible items that are connected to gratefulness cue serotonin production and will most likely put a smile on your face.

2. Mess equals stress! From toddlers to teenagers and even messy adults, clutter can cause anxiety and stress without realizing it. It’s time to make a space or have a spot for everything including toys, books, art supplies, pillows and anything else that could end up on the floor. If it doesn’t have a place in the room, consider tossing it. The same goes for pantry spaces and laundry rooms. Clutter is the true culprit for doom and gloom.

3. Switch things up – OFTEN! When was the last time you moved the couch in your living room? Never. Something as simple as moving a chair closer to the window to get natural light can make a big difference. Kids love to put their bed on a different wall. Try turning your kitchen table around. Rearrange rooms as often as you’d like to make the space feel fresh and new.

4. Functional flow! Adding organizers to your closet pantry and laundry room, can turn a space dedicated to chores into a dream space. An organized pantry means less stress in the kitchen. A functional laundry room makes folding a bit more fun.

5. Add a pop of color! Whether it’s an accent wall of tile or a pretty paint job, every color has meaning. Red represents high energy and power and will instill confidence. Orange is joyful, warm and inviting. Yellow is the color of optimism, brightness and cheery attitude. Green promotes renewal, balance and refreshment. Determine what you’d like to bring more of into your life and home, then choose your color wisely.

Don’t fall into the latest 2021 design trends, follow your heart to spark more joy in your home. If you need some inspiration, visit


Mary Hampton is the owner of Scottsdale-based Hampton Design & Closets.

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