The inspiration for industrial chic comes from the factory halls of the industrial age. The basis for this style is large spaces, kept simple with rustic elements and large window areas. Like so many things, this style was born out of necessity. In the 1960s, rents in the United States began to rise, and people had to come up with creative solutions to create affordable housing. Resourceful individuals had the idea of converting disused factory halls into living spaces. The result was simple rooms that deliberately played with references to industrial facilities. What is usually hidden in conventional apartments is openly displayed in industrial chic. Therefore, it is permissible to leave ventilation pipes visible or to install electrical wiring and switches in a rustic style on the surface. Steel or concrete beams can also be left exposed. The furnishings should remind us of the origin of this living style: the technical, the work itself. Walls and floors are also rough and rustic, with brick walls often left in their original condition.

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Industrial Chic Inspiration

Ways to Make Your Home Shine in Loft Style

To transfer the features of a loft in industrial chic to your own home, a few rules must be followed. As for the layout, the characteristics have already been described in the previous paragraph. The most important feature is large window areas in a rectangular shape with longitudinal and transverse bars. Originally, these large window areas consisted of many small square or rectangular panes. At that time, it was not possible to produce extremely large glass areas, and it was also cheaper since small panes could be easily replaced if they broke. Modern loft windows are made from large glass panes, which are also available in multiple glazing options, ensuring thermal insulation is as good as with conventional glazing. Therefore, it is also possible to purchase UPVC windows (Oknoplast). In many cases, buying black windows is a good option, which can be easily done.

When choosing the mullions, it is important to ensure they are as thin as possible. This is because the original mullions of factory windows were made of iron and could be made very thin due to the material’s stability. The frames should also be as thin as possible to create a delicate yet stable overall appearance. In addition to the voluntary installation of such windows for aesthetic reasons, the desire for a loft window may be justified by legal requirements for monument protection. If this is the case for your construction project, the planning should be carried out under the supervision of an expert. When selecting colors, the classics are available, but modern and pop colors can also be sensible depending on the construction project.

What to Consider in Interior Design

When designing the interiors, you have various options. The goal should be to create an open, airy feeling. If your building is made of bricks, you might consider exposing them, though this is rarely the case. Therefore, you have two alternatives. In very large rooms, you could consider building additional brick walls inside. A simpler option is to use brick veneers. These are a few centimeters thick and are simply applied to the wall, creating an almost indistinguishable optical effect. The simplest and often most recommended option is to leave the interior walls unplastered and paint them white. White makes rooms appear larger, enhancing the loft character.

When it comes to furnishings, the minimalist character of the apartment should be the focus. Less is more. Therefore, it is important to choose authentic items and place them thoughtfully. Since lofts usually combine two or more living areas in one room, objects can help visually separate these areas. Room dividers can include loft windows, sideboards, rugs, vases, and similar items. This way, interesting room concepts can emerge, reflecting your personality in a unique way.