JAMIE Loves in February… Sectional Sofas!

Interior Design | 18 Feb, 2013 |

Often, I receive numerous emails inquiring how to decorate a family room and what kind of sofa to use. The family room is the central location of a home where you can gather around with those you love.

Unlike the living room where the conversations are more formal, the family room is where you want to kick up your feet and relax. This is why it is so important for this room to be not only comfortable, but also functional.

My easy solution to the family room design dilemma is a sectional sofa!

Many people are not aware that sectional sofas can be modern and sleek. Not all sectionals have to be big and bulky. Like this one from B&B Italia, the Michel sectional is one of my favorites to use because of its clean lines and sexy legs.

Jamie Loves

Sectionals are great because you can tailor them to fit your space. Before you purchase, be sure to measure and tape out the sofa in your space to verify that it is the correct fit. Often people see sectionals in large stores and do not properly think about how it will fit in their own space.

Nancy Corzine-Delmanco Sectional

Nancy Corzine-Delmanco Sectional

No matter the size of your family room, sectional seating is the best way to optimize space and comfort, while maintaining a beautiful design.

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