For the next three months I will be writing a series dedicated to Spring and all the great things that come along with this exciting season, especially in Scottsdale. Such as the fabulous weather, cleaning, landscaping and more. So stick around the next couple of months for tips, tricks and more!

Today I will be discussing the best outdoor fabrics to use. Not only are they durable and hold up in any kind of weather, the patterns are gorgeous. Many of my favorite companies to work with now produce stunning fabrics that I often use outdoors as well because they are so durable. Great for clients especially those with pets and children.

Silkworks is a company I have used on many projects. A lot of my projects are done in Arizona and, as we all know, the sun here is harsh. Silk works offers various colors, patterns, textures and more.

Silkworks1 Silkworks2

One of my all time favorite companies to use for furnishings, lighting, fabrics and more is Donghia. They have turned their great eye for design into user-friendly, outdoor fabrics! One of my favorite ways to use outdoor fabrics is making large throw pillows. These are great for when you are hosting a party or just hanging out with your family.

Donghia2 Donghia1

Recently I was working on a project with a client who needed a durable fabric because she had five children as well as a handful of animals. Considering this busy home, accidents do happen, so we decided to use an outdoor fabric from Alaxi Textiles. They do not compromise the look and feel of the fabric just because it is an outdoor material. Many times I tell my client that a particular fabric can be used outdoors and they have a hard time believing me!

alaxi2 alaxi3

Arizona is known for our beautiful weather in the Spring, so you might as well fix up your outdoor living space and enjoy truly living outdoors. Enjoy this season while it lasts!

Jamie Loves Sig