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Interior Design | 2 Oct, 2012 |

JAMIE LOVES in October… learning how to put together a home gym.

Once the children leave for college, or the spare bedroom doesn’t get any more use, many people find themselves turning the extra space into home gyms. But how does one make a home gym feel like a real gym and not just a bedroom with a treadmill in it? Let’s learn together!

Basement Gym, Photo: Rob Karosis, houzz.comMirror, Mirror

Mirrors are not only important so you can watch your form, but they also reflect the light around the room and make your gym look larger. Do not to just hang the mirror on the wall, but frame it out to add beauty and warmth. You want your gym to be a place that you want to be. If the space isn’t inviting, you won’t use it. Paint the walls a color you enjoy, hang art, even add a chandelier if there’s room!

Home Gym, Port Bristol Custom, Photo: houzz.comWell-Equipped

Only buy equipment that you know you plan on using. Don’t buy the latest Chuck Norris-endorsed product just because it looks cool. Ask yourself, “How often do I plan on using the piece?” It is important to plan before you buy, create an outline of the equipment on the floor with blue tape before you purchase, and make sure there is enough room in your space to use it properly.Home Gym, Port Washington Residence, Photo: houzz.com

From the Ground Up

When considering flooring, keep in mind that it is best to have something that both gives and absorbs shock, like hardwood floors. If you have to install new floors, opt for a raised and cushioned floor. There are other options out there as well, like cork and vinyl; or, if you are feeling “green,” you can get recycled rubber floor made from old tires.

Preventing Clutter

Storage is key when designing a home gym; make sure there is adequate space for items like towels, yoga mats and such. If you don’t have a lot of floor space, shelving is always an option.

Enjoy your home gym!







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