Home, Suite Home: Master bedroom remodels create relaxing, vacation-like sanctuaries at home.

With the prevalence of smartphones and tablet computers, it seems everyone is always on the go. People are “connected” at all times to work, family or any number of other responsibilities — making life quite hectic.

master bedroom remodeling“With such busy, plugged-in lives, people are looking for a space to retreat and relax,” says Janet B. Cook, president of Cook Remodeling in Phoenix. And this desire to escape everyday stress has resulted in a trend toward renovations aimed at creating a hotel-suite-like bedroom to serve as an isolated and peaceful space in the home.

“People who are remodeling continually reference a hotel they master bedroom remodelingrecently stayed at when describing what they want their master bedroom to ‘feel’ like,” says Jill Anderson Keig, an interior designer with Wiseman and Gale Interiors in Scottsdale. “They want a refuge that is more than just a place to sleep; it is a place to unwind and recharge. They want a comfortable and inviting space — just like the one they saw on vacation.”

Keeping with this vacation-at-home theme, master bathrooms are also increasingly emphasized, along with removing distractions, such master bedroom remodelingas dedicated office spaces, opting instead for comfortable seating areas and the relaxing ambiance offered by fireplaces.

“The bedroom sizes have scaled down a bit in new construction homes, and the master bathrooms sizes have increased for that spa feel,” says Kerri Foreman, senior designer with Vallone Design in Scottsdale. “Most of our recent clients are doing away with the separate sitting room and instead incorporating a small seating space back into their master bedroom.

master bedroom remodeling“Fireplaces are still very popular, as well as TVs; but the separate sitting and the trend towards an office right off the bedroom are no longer popular. We see it as people trying to bring back the sanctuary retreat and lessen the amount of distractions in their bedrooms.”

As with any renovation project, a clear plan should be laid out from the beginning when tackling a master bedroom redo. This will ensure a finished product in line with your tastes and tailored to your unique habits.

“Considerations to take into account should include determining the lifestyle and activities particular to that room,” Keig says. “The most common mistake in a master bedroom remodel is making the room too small; it doesn’t need to be enormous and wasteful, but it always needs a comfortable sitting area with a place to put your feet up.”

“How do you live?” Foreman asks. “Do you enjoy spending a lot of time in your bedroom? Do you watch TV in the morning or before bed? Do you read to unwind? Do you have pets or children that will use the room with you? Do you like to sleep in complete blackout or wake up with the sun?”

For any master bedroom remodel, Foreman adds, the No. 1 concern should be creating a space you’ll want to use.

“We have seen beautiful rooms with grand furnishing and details but find the client does not enjoy spending a lot of time in the space,” Foreman says. “They made the space so formal that they saw it as more of a showpiece and less of a sanctuary.”

Overall, the consensus among designers and homeowners alike is that the bedroom is an integral part of the home, and that its potential as an at-home sanctuary should not be overlooked.

“It seems everyone is finally considering their bedroom a priority, which makes complete sense when you calculate how much time you spend there,” Keig says.

Foreman agrees, “In the current economy, people are feeling stress in every facet of their lives, and coming home to a relaxing environment has become more and more essential.”

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