Scottsdale-based Company MistAMERICA Makes Texas Cooler

Interior Design | 8 Aug, 2013 |

Although it’s summer in Texas and the temperature is high, patrons continue to pack outdoor patios of restaurants like Del Frisco’s, Kona Grill and Mellow Mushroom week after week, with a little help from Scottsdale-based MistAMERICA. The multi-award-winning innovator in outdoor cooling, shade and heating solutions is transforming outdoor restaurant patios in Texas into cool and comfortable summer dining destinations with the Mist360™, a new and innovative Outdoor Cooling System that is revolutionizing the way outdoor patios are cooled.

161574_MistAMERICALogoblueThe Mist360™ puts a new and innovative twist on mist that has captured the attention of many businesses and homeowners worldwide. The cutting edge mist system combines ultra-fine misting into a fan that disperses cool (dry) mist in a 360 degree pattern. It cools larger spaces (a 15 foot radius per fan) and does not have the excessive moisture problems associated with traditional mist systems. It can also be customized with a company logo or decorative art deco design. The Mist360™ was introduced into the Texas market earlier this summer.

MistAMERICA CEO Jon Marsh says, “We couldn’t be happier with how well the Mist360™ has been received in the Texas market! We installed the first Mist360™ system in Texas a few months ago and now our systems can be found on restaurant patios in Houston, Dallas, Frisco and Arlington…and we are just getting started! If you live in Texas, the Mist360™ system may be cooling a patio near you. We look forward to packing patios across Texas all summer long!”

The new cooling system successfully transforms outdoor areas that typically remain unused during summer months into cool summer retreats and revenue-generating destinations, even in extreme heat environments. Unlike traditional mist systems, the Mist360™ is still effective even when the humidity is high – a game-changer for businesses with outdoor dining and lounge areas.

According to Kim Slawson, owner of Mellow Mushroom in Arlington, Texas, “Prior to installing the Mist360™ system on our outdoor patio, most patrons avoided dining outside during the summer months because of the heat. Business typically slowed down. With the Mist360™ our outdoor patio stays cool and comfortable and is busy all summer long. It has been great for business and more importantly, our bottom line!”

With its ability to cool large outdoor areas well with 100% evaporation and 360˚ dispersion, it is no surprise that the Mist360™ is being used in some of the most-buzzed about dining and vacation destinations in the U.S. and abroad. From Del Frisco’s in Phoenix, Houston, Dallas, and Washington, DC to top resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean, the Mist360™ is transforming outdoor patios across the nation into ‘cool’ destinations.

For over two decades MistAMERICA has pioneered groundbreaking and cost-effective cooling, shade and heating products, creating the perfect year-round outdoor atmosphere for businesses and homes worldwide. Earlier this year, the organization opened the World’s First Outdoor Comfort Showroom  in Scottsdale to give customers a place to see and experience cutting edge cooling, shade and heating products in a true open-air setting.

For information on MistAMERICA and their full line of mist, shade and heating products, click here.

About MistAMERICA:
An innovator in outdoor comfort, MistAMERICA’s outdoor cooling systems lead the field in quality and effectiveness and are always on the cutting edge of emerging technologies. For over two decades, MistAMERICA has pioneered groundbreaking and cost-effective mist, shade and heat products to create the perfect year-round outdoor atmosphere for businesses and homes worldwide. From 5-star luxury resorts and restaurants to residential homes, MistAMERICA designs custom projects that transform the outdoors into comfortable, livable spaces all year long. The Arizona-based organization is also home to the industry’s first (and ONLY) Outdoor Comfort Showroom – where customers can actually experience the effects of top-of-the-line outdoor cooling, shade and heating products.

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